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Maxwell Stephens | Facilities Recruitment | Find Facilities Management jobs UK

Maxwell Stephens offer their years of industry knowledge and experience to deliver high quality facilities recruitment services to both individuals and businesses. We have played a key role in successfully placing high calibre individuals into permanent and temporary roles with some leading organisations. These organisations include Property Companies, Service Providers in FM and Client Side Organisations. We also work with businesses to provide candidate sourcing, ensuring that applicants are effectively matched to suitable vacancies. Furthermore we have a proven record of achieving world class recruitment results through our dedication to recruitment and our commitment to the facilities management sector.

We currently provide recruitment services for the following:

Facilities Management
Property Management
Engineering (Building Services)
Administration and Support Vacancies

The team at Maxwell Stephens are adept at tailoring our facilities recruitment services and take a unique approach to each business or individual we work with. Whether you are a career-minded individual, a small to medium size enterprise or a major multinational, we can help you with every aspect of facilities management recruitment.

Facilities management is a hugely complex area and one which requires specialist expertise. There are a vast number of complexities that can arise which have a significant impact on the facilities recruitment process and we can help you as a business owner or individual demystify the process and find the vacancy or candidate that you require.

Our proficient consultants will work with you every step of the way so that you can either secure your ideal facilities management role or search for a skilled and experienced individual to join your team.

Why should you choose Maxwell Stephens?

We understand that each client is different, so our first step is to develop a detailed understanding of our client’s organisation.

Maxwell Stephens understand that a one strategy fits all approach doesn’t work with facilities management recruitment so we spend time getting to know you and your business inside out. We will work with you to acquire in depth information on what makes your business tick; our consultants will explore your values, expectations of new employees and aspirations as well as finding out your strategy, culture and objectives that will shape each position.

Before instigating any recruitment campaign we will formulate a watertight strategy which will attract the candidates that you need to fill the advertised vacancies. Our consultants will then work tirelessly to identify the very best candidates for your company.

We invest heavily in building long-term relationships with our top candidates so that we can fully understand their own aspirations. This ensures you receive not only the most skilled, qualified and experienced candidate to fill your role, but also an individual who is committed and likely to stay with you long-term, adding significant value to your organisation.
Maxwell Stephens promise a time-saving, practical facilities recruitment solution to individuals and businesses throughout the UK.

In order to offer such a high quality service we only employ the very best consultants to work for us. Each team member is hand-picked and actively supported by an ongoing investment programme in training. What’s more, we are fully committed to continually developing our employees, equipping them with the latest industry knowledge in recruitment techniques and of course developments in the facilities management sector.

Why not contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants and start your facilities management recruitment journey today with Maxwell Stephens.


“Maxwell Stephens deliver exactly what they say on the tin and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”


Gwendoline Murray, Head of FM & Property, Aegis Media

Maxwell Stephens recruit across:

Soft Services

This is a suite of services that takes responsibility for variety of different jobs such as cleaning, grounds maintenance, gardening, pest control, window cleaning, signage and front of house, waste disposal, office clearances, disposal of equipment as well as other ‘ad hoc’ services such as conference room set ups, minor moves and recycling management and training.

This kind of work can be undertaken in different ways, the jobs can be given to one or two individuals who carry out the work themselves, or they can be carried out by a whole team, where one person will delegate the work to the rest and supervise them.

This is a customer focused role where it’s important to build relationships with both internal and external customers such as subcontractors and general staff, and a high level of people skills are needed if one is supervising an entire team. These jobs are every bit as important as other aspects of facilities management. Maxwell Stephens can help an employer find the right sort of person for this type of job, and help a job seeker find temporary or permanent employment.

Hard Services

This type of service encompasses the fabric of buildings themselves, and each role required to attend to this type of service will need a specific skill set and a high level of specific qualifications and training.

We understand the level of skills and qualifications needed for this type of work and this is reflected in kind of people we supply, such as Chief Engineers, Engineering Directors & Managers, Technical Directors & Managers, Data Centre Managers, Project Directors & Managers, Contract Managers and Feasibility and Asset Specialists.

We have an excellent record in supplying this type of employee, and we have a proven track record with both temporary, interim and permanent contracts. We vet each individual’s CV ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and experience to fulfil the criteria.

Facilities & Estate Management

Here we have a wide range of specialised work that’s devoted to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings. This can include banks, offices, data centres, hospitals, hotels, sports and music arenas and educational or convention centres.

As you can imagine, this is a field of work that requires a high level of expertise and training. Staff are required to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place processes and technology. Here at Maxwell Stephens we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure we supply well qualified staff at all levels from mid-management through to executive director level. We can confidently provide the best people for the right job each and every time, so employers have the right candidates for their needs when they need it.

Building Maintenance Engineering

This is an integral part of the life cycle of buildings and M&E plants. This covers a multitude of environments and includes Investment Banks, Data Centres, Corporate Office Blocks, Airports, Retail Units, Shopping Centres, Industrial Sites, Power Stations and Factories.

For this type of work you’re looking at technical skill, knowledge, experience and a hands on attitude and mature outlook. We have an understanding of what it takes to work in this environment, and here at Maxwell Stephens we can provide an employer with experienced staff from all over the UK. We can also supply a variety of contracts that will fit in with an employers needs, such as temporary, interim and permanent roles.

Free recruitment advice

Maxwell Stephens regularly publish content on our informative facilities management blog where you can obtain plenty of free tips and advice from our experts as well as providing up to date news on an ever-changing industry. Register with us today to receive free industry news and updates, simply fill in your details at the bottom of this page.

The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know

The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know.

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As facilities management recruitment experts; Maxwell Stephens endeavours to share our knowledge and provide you with realistic and relevant information on the industry.

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