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10 Questions to Ask Job Seeker During a Video Interview in Facilities Management

Maxwell Stephens have discovered that , more and more workers are applying for jobs outside of their immediate locations. This means that many companies are beginning to adapt the ways in which they conduct interviews. One of the most popular methods of interviewing is via video chats. This allows both the interviewer and the interviewee to interact with one another almost as if they were meeting in person. While the video interview has proven to be an effective and necessary tool for interviewing the technology can prevent the interviewer from asking the tough questions

Below you will find a brief list of 10 questions every interviewer should ask a candidate being interviewed via video chat whether that be in the Facilities Management Industry or indeed any industry.


1. Tell Me About Yourself.

This is a fairly standard interview question and gives the candidate an opportunity to tell you something you may not know about them. It can also give you some insight into their goals depending on the information they choose to share.


2. Why Should We Hire You?

The way a candidate answers this question will help you determine their confidence and how well their preexisting skill sets match the position requirements. If you find the interviewee being stumped on their answer, then perhaps they aren’t the best fit for the job.


3. What Is Your Greatest Career Accomplishment?

This particular question allows candidates to highlight some of their abilities that may not be listed on their resumes. This will give you an overall better idea of how they actually use their skills.


4. Tell Me About A Big Mistake, How You Dealt With It, And What You Learned.

By asking the candidate about a big mistake they made, how they handled it, and what they learned from it will show you how they deal with setbacks. It will also be an indicator of how they cope with high-stress situations.


5. Why Do You Want This Job?

The answer to this question will allow you to evaluate the career goals of the candidate. You will be able to find out if the interviewee is actually interested in your company and the industry or if they see it as just a paycheck.


6. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This question will help you assess the career goals of the candidate. You will want an employee who will stay with the company for a while as employee turnover is expensive. Even more than that though, you want to make sure that you find someone who is engaged and motivated by the job and industry.


7. What Kind Of Work Environment Do You Prefer?

It is important to remember that you can always train someone with new skills, but it will be near impossible to change them to fit the organisational culture. Tell the candidate about your company and ask what kind of environment they enjoy and work at best. This will allow you to see if their ideal fits with the company’s existing culture.


8. What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses

This is another fairly standard question in interviews, but can be nonetheless difficult to ask. This will tell you how a candidate approaches problems.


9. Tell Me About A Time You Went Above And Beyond To Get A Job Done.

This question will give the candidate another chance to make a big impression while also telling you what the candidate considers going above and beyond.


10. How Do You Evaluate Success

This is not a typical question asked at many interviews; however, it is important in giving you a good idea of what the candidate is looking for in their job and career. Are they driven more by challenging work or a bigger paycheck?


I hope these help with your interviews.

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