12 Things Every Facilities Manager Should Know

12 things every fm should know

Facilities Managers are responsible for the processes and services that are imperative to the running of an organisation. It’s their job to ensure the working environment is not only suitable and safe for the employees, but also that the processes are efficient and productive enough to turn a profit for the company.

When it comes to working in a Facilities Management role, there are certain skills, competencies and knowledge that can be deemed ‘essential’. But there are other elements to the role that are important for Facilities Managers to be successful in their role.

We’re sharing 12 things every Facilities Manager should know about their job.

Finance plays a part

From creating and sticking to a budget to understanding profit and loss or balance sheets, a good understanding of the finances of the organisation will be a vital aspect of your daily role.


You must understand the business

Effective Facilities Management can help the organisation reach its strategic goals, and your knowledge of how the departments work together and where improvements can be made is a vital part of this strategic process.


Expect to manage feedback

Whether you are giving feedback to members of your team, another employee within the business or to one of your clients or customers, it’s important to get the best out of everyone by giving and receiving constructive feedback.


You’ll need a great team

A Facilities Manager is only as good as the team around them! It’s important that you can take your place as an effective manager to curate the best possible team and ensure they have everything they need to complete their tasks effectively.

Open communication is key

You may find yourself as the go-to person within your organisation, so there’s every possibility you’ll deal with employees at every level, so it’s vital that your communication skills are up to scratch.


You must be adaptable

Organisations and their premises need to adapt to survive and it could be down to you as the Facilities Manager to implement changes and ensure maximum efficiency during a period of change and development within the company.


Problem solving skills are vital

No two days will be the same in Facilities Management! There will always be new priorities and situations to react to, it’s important you can keep your cool, plan ahead and prioritise your workload to get the job done.


Your time management skills may be tested

It may seem like there are never enough hours in the day, but it’s important that you manage your time effectively by creating schedules that work for you to make sure every task is completed by its deadline.


You must pay careful attention to detail

Your role as a Facilities Manager covers a vast area within the organisation, so you must be passionate about every part of the job, paying careful attention to the small details to ensure the best possible outcomes.


All about the environment

A well-organised building can make your job so much easier. You need know the premises inside out and upside down. Where are vital documents kept? Who is the main contact for your services? You will be asked!


Which rules and regulations apply

There will be certain compliances that your building and organisation must adhere to, it will be your responsibility to ensure they are kept up to date, and that you meet all the legal requirements.


Who is the emergency response?

You will be the main point of contact if anything goes wrong within your building, from a boiler breakdown, to flooding, break ins or power failures. It’s important that you have all the information to hand, or can tell someone else exactly where to look when the pressure is on.

Of course, there are so many more tasks, responsibilities and skills required to be an effective Facilities Manager, what would you add to the list?

Peter Forshaw – Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know

The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know.

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