Maxwell Stephens

3 Techniques Leaders Can Use To Get The Most Out Of Their People

As leaders we need to be proactive in making sure that our teams are delivering the best possible standard of work.

But do we want to be telling people what to do?

If a leader becomes ‘bossy’ are people actually going to do what you asked.

Below see three techniques FM leaders can use to get the most out of their teams:


To truly motive people, you have to get to know the people that you are leading as individuals.

Motivation is about creating human connection which will allow you to work with your team to push towards greatness.


By engaging employees it keeps them going. If you can engage people they are more likely to put in their all to their work.

Employee engagement has been directly linked to employees experience.


You as a leader need to be an inspiration. If you can inspire your employees to a better future.

Be mindful of your actions and promote a highly collaborative workplace, this helps

As a leader, you need to encourage your employees to do their best work. Don’t just tell them what to do instead try to motivate, engage, and inspire them to get the most out of your teams.

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