Maxwell Stephens

5 Tips for going back to work after maternity leave

It can be daunting re-entering the workforce after maternity leave, even if you have a job you are returning to. We have four top tips that will help that transition as smooth as possible.


  • Plan, plan, plan

It is useful to have a clear idea of when you are planning to go back to work, and whether that will be part or full time. Once you have this agreed with your employer, you can make childcare arrangements. Don’t forget that some nurseries get places booked up a year in advance – so get started on this early to avoid disappointment. Also take some time to consider your family finances and who will be able to do baby drop offs and pick-ups.


  • Use your keep in touch days

You will likely have a number of keep in touch days that you can use while on maternity leave. I would encourage new mums to use some of these so that they can keep in touch with the team as it will undoubtedly have changed, and also new stakeholders and projects that are in progress. This will allow for a smoother return to work.


  • Meet with your boss

Meet up with your boss before you officially return to work and make sure you are fully up to date on the team, objectives, and any other organisational changes you might need to be aware of.


  • Go for lunch with the team

It may be that the team has not changed, or perhaps it has undergone a transformation. Regardless of the situation, try to organise a lunch or attend drinks with the team before you officially start back. This is a great way to build relationships and begin building or rebuilding a support network at work.


  • Have a staged return

You have probably been off for a year so going back for 40 hours per week will probably be too much too soon. Don’t forget you have been spending your days speaking to a young baby, and not in the corporate world. It will take a little bit of time to transition back into work mode.

In Summary


Going back to work after maternity leave can be quite challenging as missing your baby and trying to readjust back into the working world may seem like a mountain to climb. It can also create lots of emotions. This is why trying to transition slowly and also planning everything out should make your return far smoother and easier to manage.


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