Maxwell Stephens

The 6 Mindsets of Top CEOs

Direction Setting

Setting a direction for your team is all about creating the vision for the future. An organization will depend on the leader’s role and organizational structure. The leader may be setting the team’s direction, even for the department or entire organization. This is very important when setting boundaries for the organization’s performance standards or the goal which must be met. Setting clear expectations ensures that the team has no doubt about what they need to achieve.

Organizational Alignment

The process of implementing strategies and philosophies to ensure that every individual within the organization shares a common goal and vision for the success of the organization. This allows everybody within the organization to achieve common goals whilst communicating honestly. This is important because it encourages collaboration and a shared pursuit of company goals. This in theory should contribute to a healthy workplace environment, an improved brand image and improved client and customer relationships.

Mobilizing Leaders

Mobilizing your team is about much more than just motivating them. It is based on support, trust, respect and a collaborate style. A mobilizing leader shares long term objective that targets a collective interest. Managers actually put the visions of the CEO into action. 

Board Engagement

This is essential to the health of any organization. Boards that are engaged are naturally much more impactful because they will be willing to devote more time to fulfill expectations. An engaged team is much more knowledgeable and passionate about the organization. This can result in an increase in opportunities for the company as well as better public relations and more board recruitment opportunities.

Stakeholder Connection

By focusing on your stakeholder relationships, your willingness to engage respectfully, consistently and transparently will affect how people perceive both your projects and your organization. Trust is imperative when building relationships, this can be gained through being reliable, honest and respectful. Listening is critical when building trust with stakeholders. 

Personal Connectedness

The job of a CEO is never done, it is easy for them to work from the second that they wake up until they go to sleep. Instead of trying to do everything, they should instead focus on providing as much value as possible. This value should be spread throughout the company. The mindset of personal connectedness allows CEOs to learn and grow as people, rather than just as leaders.

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