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Twenty years ago, phones had one purpose; to converse with each other. Today, phones are mini-computers that have more power than the early rockets to the moon. The same is true with CV’s.


Twenty years ago, their purpose was to give an autobiography of yourself and a list of past jobs. Today, CV’s must be relevant to the job you’re applying for or you will get lost in the abyss of job seekers. If you’re still using the same old CV you’ve used for many years, it’s time to tear it up, throw it away, and start all over.


The most successful job seekers today are not just walking into jobs by chance, they are working hard to ensure that they stand out from the rest. They capture the employers attention by tailoring their CV to the position that they are applying for – meaning they have multiple CV’s at any one time. This isn’t manipulative or deceitful, instead it’s presenting yourself in the best possible way for each unique employer.


Yes, each CV should have the basics…your name and address, your previous jobs, your education, and so forth…but it should also include and highlight very specific details about your skills and abilities that reflect what the company you’re applying for does.


For example, if you’re applying for a computer programming position at Fortune 500 company, you want to make sure your CV not only highlights your computer programming skills, but also your leadership, communication, and organizational skills. If you’re applying for a computer programming position at a start-up company, you want to highlight your resourcefulness, your visionary skills, and your team player skills. And if you’re applying for a computer programming position at a non-profit organization, make sure you highlight your people skills and your humanitarian skills.


As you can see by this one example, a well-prepared job seeker would need at least three different CVs just for looking for a computer programming position. The point is that your CV should be something that allows the employer to see how you would add value to their specific organization, and not just a history report of where you’ve worked and gone to school.


Creating multiple CVs can seem time consuming and daunting. So don’t be afraid to seek advice on building a great CV. In fact, an extra pair of eyes can scrutinise and find points which you may have overlooked.


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Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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