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A Day in the Life of a Facilities Manager

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Perhaps you are fairly new to the industry, or maybe you have recently graduated with a Facilities Management degree and are seeking your first role. Of course, each Facilities Manager will perform a slightly different role, but this is a little peek into an average day at work.




I arrive at the office and check in with the reception staff and the security team. There was an issue with a couple of the CCTV cameras throughout the night, so I make a note to check in with the third party supplier who manages them.



I pop up to the canteen to get some breakfast. The catering is outsourced and I am responsible for management of that contract. I speak with the Catering Manager and he explains that some deliveries did not arrive, so one of the planned meals will be off the menu. It is the main vegetarian option so I am slightly concerned, and go and speak to the chef to arrange an alternative. Again I take a note to check in with the supplier in the week.



I have a service review meeting with the firm who provide both the security guards and the receptionists. We go over their adherence to contractual SLAs and discuss potential service improvements. Predominantly they have met their KPIs but we did have an issue with one Security Guard who was recently replaced, so we discuss that matter in detail to understand what went wrong. 



I visit a number of buildings in the city as we are considering relocating a number of staff who are in a building where the lease has increased exponentially over the past few years.



Back to the canteen to grab a sandwich and to check what alternative vegetarian meal was put on.



Finally I have a chance to read through all of my emails and do some admin. I have a one to one with my boss and I need to prepare updates to share with her.



I have my one to one with my boss and take her through all of the projects I am managing, and explain any service issues we are having. We also discuss my objectives and some training I am interested in attending.



This is my last meeting of the day and I am seeing a supplier who might replace the vending machines and the water dispensers. I give them a tour of the entire building and show them what is currently installed and what we hope to have in terms of replacements. We also discuss commercial arrangements and how their service delivery model works, such as who stocks the vending machines and how frequently.



It has been quite a long day and I am now packing up to go home, blackberry in hand and checking emails as I head to the train station. One thing is for sure, each day is different in this role!



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