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How Do You Attract Top Performers in FM When You Are No Longer In The Buying Seat?

For the last decade or so that I have worked in recruitment, most of the power has been in the hands of the client recruiters, not the candidates. In many cases, this led to an arrogant approach to recruitment based on a view that candidates were lining up desperate for jobs.

Do you want to attract the TOP Performers in FM?


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Now, as the UK economy continues to grow, and particularly now the General Election is over, and the country has a stable majority government, change is coming fast threatening to take many by surprise.


Just as technology has disrupted many other industries, so the immediacy of the digital world combined with an increased demand for skilled labour is creating more difficult conditions for high calibre staff recruitment.


Lazy practices that previously delivered results are no longer working effectively.


I am offering you a free report on this issue covering the following topics:


› Is your business ready to compete?

› Harnessing the power of brand  

› Know your market

› Treat people as individuals and earn their respect

› Make best use of new channels to reach candidate and create interest

› Your best sales channel

› Don’t ask for what is not needed

› Screening starts with you

› Streamline the interview process

› Recruiters need the skills to sell your business to candidates

› Don’t keep people hanging around

› Don’t let go of good people


and lastly:


› Winners and losers



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