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Bain & Company was Voted as the Best Place to Work in the UK… What Can be Learned From Them?

According to Glassdoor, Bain & Co is the best place to work in 2023. They achieved an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. They are the only company ever to rank first place on five separate occasions. This was based on the anonymous answers from employees to questions regarding their job, working environment and the organization over the past 12 months. We had a deeper look into their employee feedback to get a better understanding of what makes them such a great employer…

Work life balance

Many of the employee reviews for Bain & Co highlight the focus they have on an appropriate work life balance. From our own experience, as well as the findings of our most recent Salary Survey, it’s clear that work life balance is a key contributing factor to job satisfaction. It ensure staff morale stays high, and staff turnover stays low. Bains & Co have obviously seen just how important it is to provide a good work life balance, both in terms of keeping their workforce happy, but also in ensuring their ongoing business success.


Corporate culture is not just a business buzz words that is thrown around in board meetings, it’s the shared beliefs, values, traditions and behaviours that should permeate all levels of an organisation. This is an area where Bain & Co excels. A significant proportion of employee reviews cite the positive culture within the organisation, highlighting their dedication to internal development and training, their highly effective employee motivation, and the support and challenge they provide in an inclusive and diverse environment. As one employee put it, Bain & Co ‘helps you be the best version of yourselves’. This clearly shows just how important it is to actively establish a positive corporate culture.


A lot of the employee feedback for Bain & Co mentions the challenging and intellectually stimulating work they undertake. From our work in the facilities management sector, it’s clear that for the best professionals out there, being fully engaged and challenged in their career is a necessity to ensure job satisfaction.

Retention and Internal Career Development

It’s clear when reading employee reviews that Bain & Co like to develop their staff as much as possible, resulting in high levels of retention as well as providing the opportunities for professionals to develop their career within the organisation. Working in recruitment we are acutely aware of just how much of an impact employee retention and development can have on overall corporate success. Employee motivation and loyalty, reduced hiring trainings costs, positive word of mouth – these are just a few of the potential benefits this approach can bring.

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