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Benefits of a Thorough Process in Facilities Recruitment

The unemployment rate in the UK has recently risen to its highest level for nearly two decades which means there are more candidates applying for roles. Unfortunately in desperation people are applying for roles in FM that they do not have the necessary requirements for, and some are applying for roles that they are over-qualified for.  These factors present a challenge for client hiring managers when recruiting for facilities professionals.


Maxwell Stephens feel it is helpful to follow certain best practice when advertising / shifting during these recessionary times. We adopt the following process;


Advertising Vacancies


When external advertisements are used, they should be properly targeted (e.g. using recommended Facilities Management trade press as opposed to generic advertising in general press) as this will reduce unsatisfactory applicants so that we can clearly identify the quality candidates. Any advertisement should set out the nature of the role and any essential/desirable qualifications, experience or skills.


Maxwell Stephens have found our Client Branded campaigns to be particularly effective throughout 2013 as they have given candidates a flavour of the culture and ethos of the organisation prior to application, leading to real engagement in the client brand. We have Completed Campaigns with a wide range of organisations in both the Private and Public Sector.


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Before this can begin, it is extremely helpful to prepare a written job and person specification detailing the requirements of the vacancy in the recruitment of facilities managers and the individual skills and qualifications the applicants are expected to demonstrate. This eliminates subjective decision making and brings about evidence


Whenever possible, more than one person should be involved in the sifting of applications /creation of a shortlist. Maxwell Stephens use a team of three on each vacancy to ensure we have selected the best candidates. This team comprises of:


Peter Forshaw – Lead Consultant
Whom will meet the client, scope the requirements, devise the strategy, draw up a list of target companies and individuals, will make approaches and will take the lead on interviewing.


An Operations Manager
Will work along side the lead consultant shortlisting candidates including various other tasks, also interviewing candidates.


An Recruitment Administrator 
Will place the adverts, make interview arrangements, send documentation and generally make sure all the benchmarks are hit in terms of the timescales.


There are a vast number of complexities that can arise to have an impact on recruitment processes in the facilities management industry. Maxwell Stephens believe it to be of paramount importance that we possess a methodical approach to servicing the needs of our clients and candidates.




Interviewing is an acquired talent that not all people possess.  A good quality interview with a qualified candidate may take one of the Maxwell Stephens representatives an hour or more to find out where their real strengths and weaknesses lie. In depth questions need to be asked to ensure a person is right for a particular position. Many other companies will rush through this in facilities management recruitment because they simply don’t have time to dedicate to the process.


Most businesses recognise that, although it has undoubtedly been tough, the recession could be an opportunity to find and attract talent; in these circumstances Maxwell Stephens can provide the time and dedication to finding the right candidate for a permanent role instead of just a short term solution.

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