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BIFM Publishes Guidance on Operational Cost Benchmarking

BIFM operational cost benchmarking

The British Institute of Facilities Management have this week released guidance on operational cost benchmarking, which will help individuals in the profession to highlight best practice and identify gaps in performance.


Guidance Notes are important for our industry, and this one is very topical at the moment, with many companies looking for ways to cut costs year on year.


Authored by partner at quantity surveying firm, Bernard Williams Associates, Mike Packham, the guide is meant to sit alongside the ‘Benchmarking Good Practice Guide’. Covering and comparing a number of operational functions, such as maintenance, cleaning and security, they have put them side by side with other organisations of a similar nature. This has allowed them to improve productivity, cost and also increase efficiencies across the board.


Looking at how companies still see it of highest importance to keep a close eye on operational cost base, even though we’re out of the last recession, this new Guidance Note will allow FMs to evaluate how much they are spending and whether these associated costs marry up with the value for money and level of performance they are delivering.


In this brand new Guidance Note, the BIFM cover the following:

  • – Benchmarking data – annual expenditure, labour input, productivity and performance
  • – The factors for benchmarking – classification protocol, data analysis and measurement parameters
  • – Tips on how to present this information in the best way possible

Benchmarking, is of course, essential when planning a Facilities Management strategy, and gives employees the room to evolve their current processes, whilst also saving money.

Peter Brogan, the BIFM’s research and information manager said: “There are many benefits to using benchmarking as part of a structured process of continuous improvement. Not only can it help identify potential process upgrades and achieve a more streamlined approach, resulting in large cost savings and ensuring maximum quality and efficiency, but it can help improve understanding of the strategic role FM plays in business performance.”

If you’re interested in finding out more, then you can download it from the BIFM website, along with their other Guidance Notes.


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