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Building an Online Profile

Recent studies say that over 2.5 billion people are online. And of those 2.5 billion people, over 1 billion of them are active users on Facebook – making it a huge platform for recruiters to reach a mass audience. Other social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing are also top contributors to social networking.


Opinions on social networking sites are diverse, some view it as casual time-wasting and others may argue that it’s a great way of promoting a service and guaranteeing reach. It can differ between industries, but in the recruitment sector it is becoming a major influencer.


Having an online presence in the 21st century job market is not just vital, it’s essential to your success. The aforementioned sites give you incredible exposure in your job search. However, there are millions of other sites that are industry specific that give you a platform to stand on as you look for that next career move.


By far, the most valuable site you can get connected to as a job seeker is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the social networking site for professionals. You can create a profile, connect it with people you know, join groups, or forums, that are specific to your skills and abilities, and even find and apply for jobs with major worldwide companies. Your LinkedIn profile page is like a CV but on a larger scale. People can see your skills, abilities, job history, education, and even your connection to others within the industry of your choice.


While the other sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Xing are more for connecting with friends, they also provide incredible opportunities for you to get the word out that you’re looking for a job. Not all employers post their openings for the public to see, but you may have a friend on one of these sites who works for the company you want to work at and may be able to pull some strings for you.


Believe it or not, there are job seekers who still refuse to build an online presence. If you’re one of those people then you are potentially missing out on a vast amount of opportunities that can be sought from social networking. Millions of people worldwide are finding new job opportunities through these sites and some companies are even using your online connectedness to determine whether or not you’re a solid fit for their organization.


Now, one word of caution. If you’re going to use social networking sites for job hunting, be very mindful of what you post on them. That party you were at last Saturday may have been the party of the century, but make sure the pics from it don’t find their way onto your pages or you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

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