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Can tattoos limit your career prospects in FM? What do you think?

Despite the meteoric rise in the popularity of tattoos over the past couple of decades, numerous studies suggest that many employers still consider tattoos to be unacceptable in the workplace. This may be particularly challenging for younger professionals considering the prevalence of tattoos in this demographic (approximately 30% of people ages 18-29, YouGov survey).


Obviously, some industries and organisations may be more tolerant of the tattoo craze. Companies seeking to target a younger, edgier demographic, are likely to much more open to tattooed employees, and in some cases it may even be seen as an asset because they are consistent with the “brand identity”. More traditional companies who target demographic includes older people are much more likely to view tattoos on job applicants negatively, in in certain cases they will be a deal breaker in a job interview.


This got the team at Maxwell Stephens wondering about the popularity, attitudes and general perceptions of tattoos in the Facilities Management world. Do you have tattoos? Do you think having visible tattoos could hinder your career prospects? Please take a couple of minutes to complete the short questionnaire below and let us know your opinion in the comments.


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