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17th, December 2018
prepare for winter

Face the freeze! Make sure you are prepared for winter…

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Facilities Management is obviously a year round task however each season brings its own unique challenges, and winter is possible the most challenging season for FM professionals. Difficult weather conditions, fewer daylight hours and increased energy usage are just a few of the many potential issues a Facilities Manager needs to face in the coldest […]

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10th, October 2018

Some of our favourite buildings

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Being specialist Facilities Management recruiters means that we spend a lot of our time visiting a wide range of amazing buildings and work environments. From Grade II listed buildings, to boutique studio spaces, we have had the pleasure of exploring hundreds of remarkable places. Here are some of our favourites from recent recruitment campaigns… Principal […]

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8th, August 2018

Turning up the heat – Water conservation strategies in FM

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The recent bouts of summer sun may have seen an increase in beer garden visits and lobster-red suntans, but the heatwaves flaring up across the globe highlight the potential threat of water shortages in the near future. Although this may not be a top priority for Facilities Management professionals now, increasing demands on water supplies, […]

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19th, July 2018

Would Gareth Southgate make a good Facilities Manager?

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It may not be coming home, but English football has certainly received quite a boost following the more than respectable performance of the England team (we’ll forget about the second half against Croatia). A lot of England’s success can be attributed to the management skills of a certain Mr Southgate. This got the team at […]

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23rd, May 2018

The rise of ‘Smart Buildings’ – 5 of the world’s smartest buildings

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A room that knows what temperature you prefer? Windows that tint on demand? Robot Security guards? These may sound like features of the Star Ship Enterprise, however these are just of the few amazing technological advancements that are becoming more commonplace in modern ‘Smart Buildings’. Here we look at some of the most impressive smart […]

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18th, May 2018

What to expect at a second interview

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So you’ve aced the interview, impressed your interviewer with your skills and references, and feel confident you’ve got the job in the bag. But when it comes to the call back, instead of an offer, you’re given an invitation. “We’d like you to come in for a second interview!” The second stage of interviews can […]

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