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9th, February 2018
What is a Facilities Manager

What is “Candidate Experience” worth in the digital age?

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Looking at the world today, it is most definitely an entirely different landscape to that of twenty years ago. Millennials have been immersed in technology their entire lives and, with Gen Z growing up too, it would be safe to say the world will only continue to become more and more digitally minded over the […]

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31st, January 2018

Agile Working within FM

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Scrum, product backlog, sprint….. These are all terms from Agile Project Methodology. If you are hearing them for the first time they are undoubtedly slightly alien. However many organisations are embracing Agile, and for many Facilities Managers who are involved in both tech and non tech projects, they will need to get up to speed […]

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17th, January 2018

Will The FM job market really die by Christmas?

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With the latest news about Carillion plc (which provides FM to 150,000 properties in the UK, Canada, and the Middle East) coupled with the latest gloomy Brexit forecasts from economists, it’s not surprising there’s a lot of pessimism about the future at the moment – not just for the FM job market, but generally. It’s […]

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9th, January 2018
advice for facilities management interviews

Is Brexit the new millennium bug?

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The talk is all about Brexit but anyone born before 1982 will remember the world worrying about the Millennium Bug The Millennium Bug described a theoretical problem caused by the switch from 1999 to 2000 on computer processing units. There was much fear that computers around the world could not cope with the change of […]

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6th, December 2017
networking event

Facilities Management Networking Event a Resounding Success

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Facilities Management Networking Event a Resounding Success On Thursday 30th November 2017, Maxwell Stephens organised it’s second Networking Event at the stunning Business Growth Fund’s offices in WC2. With around 60 distinguished attendees the atmosphere was electric, and the air was thick with good business chatter. As well as providing a fantastic networking opportunity for attendees, […]

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20th, October 2017
The Apprentice

BBC The Apprentice…and how not to get ahead in your FM career

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The two Sarahs facing down Siobhan, promotional billboards full of typographical errors, a body-popper, Anisa and Jade wrestling over who was going to be project manager. Yes, it’s The Apprentice and it’s back on the BBC. All of the Maxwell Stephens team talk about it the following morning. It purports to be a business show […]

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