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Change of Perception Needed for FM Job Hunting

“There needs to be a Change of Perception Needed for FM Job Hunting” says Peter Forshaw from Maxwell Stephens


The economic downturn in 2012 took its toll on job volumes throughout the UK, and as a result many companies are only focused on recruiting employees for key business positions. Despite this, Maxwell Stephens have experienced an increase in recruitment volumes in the present year, and the FM industry as a whole is looking positive.


Cost is still a key focus for employers and salaries are not always pitched high enough to attract the most suitable candidates. It could be argued that perhaps it is the mind-set of an individual that needs to change rather than the salary offered. People may not be prepared to take a pay reduction or prefer job stability over opportunity.


I have recruited within the FM industry for well over 12 years and in that time I have spent a large amount of time conversing with candidates about particular job opportunities. On many occasions if the salary is the same, or only a very small percentage increase, then the candidate will usually not be interested as the monetary offer is not substantial enough to cover the risks of moving jobs. However as I have witnessed, it is not only the salary that should be analysed; It is the long term opportunity!


Sheryl Sandberg, (the COO of Facebook), in a recent speech to the 2012 graduating class of Harvard Business School mentioned factors which are extremely relevant to recruitment and I feel some of the points are particularly relevant to Facilities Management individuals looking for a new role so I was keen to share them.


Sheryl explained that “As organisations become less hierarchical” traditional career paths are moving and changing as well. Sheryl explained that the traditional metaphor for careers is a ladder and how that in reality that theory “no longer holds well and that it doesn’t make sense in a less hierarchical world.” She summed it up perfectly by saying “Careers are not a ladder; they are a jungle gym.” What a beautiful analogy of both a career in the modern age and such great current and up to date advice to a job hunter.


The advice is to look for the opportunities and for growth. I feel that the traditional idea of moving up the ranks has now changed. Individuals should not base their judgment on salary increases and bonus’s, but look for opportunities to better their experience and skills as to enter exciting and rewarding careers.


The advice is to move sideways if you have to and move down if needed. This is especially true if the longer term picture is bright; if for example the training and development opportunities are strong or the particular experience you are going to gain is going to help long term. The message is to not concern yourself with salaries as such, but concentrate on increasing your employability value.


Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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