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5 Tips for Choosing a Recruitment Agency

oining a recruitment agency can be the key to finding that dream role. However you need to target your search when deciding who to register with. The recruitment agency you select will be representing you for roles you’re interested in, so you need to be confident that they understand your skills and experience. Here are our 5 tips for choosing a recruitment agency:

1) Do your research

Naturally people head to the biggest agencies to register, however it really doesn’t matter about the size of the agency, as it’s going to be one recruitment consultant that you’re dealing with. So if you work in a niche industry, you should consider a niche agency who will understand the role you currently do and what you’re hoping to achieve. They’ll also have established links to companies in your sector. Check out the roles they’re advertising, to see whether they’re the kind of role you’re looking for.


2) Meet Face to Face

When you’ve chosen a suitable recruitment agency, it’s important that you meet face to face with the consultant that will be responsible for representing you. You need to feel confident that they are capable, and that you’re happy with the approach they take. Don’t be afraid at this stage to withdraw from registering with the agency. You need to feel that the individual you’re working with understands what you’re looking for.


3) Be Realistic with Timescale

Don’t reject a recruitment agency because they haven’t found you anything in the first week! It can take time for suitable roles to become available, and they won’t simply want to put you forward for anything and everything. Make sure you keep in touch with them, and speak about any roles you’ve seen that you’re interested in. On the flipside, if you’re struggling to get hold of anyone or feel that you’re not being considered for appropriate roles, then you might want to consider other options.


4) Sell Yourself

When you’re choosing a recruitment agency it’s as much about them liking you as it is about you liking them. Most agencies won’t accept just any candidate, they want to know that you’re employable and have skills their clients are looking for, so you need to really sell yourself! Treat interactions with your consultant like an interview, putting across all your experience and knowledge, encouraging them to get excited about you as a candidate.


5) Consider Your Loyalties

Often candidates will register with more than one recruitment agency to give themselves a better chance of securing a position. This can be a positive step as it means you’re considered for more openings, however register with too many and you could find you’re contacted constantly for completely unsuitable roles. It’s best to carefully select a couple that advertise the kind of positions you’re looking for.


Choosing a recruitment agency is important as they’re representing you to the employer. The last thing you want is a recruitment agency who will simply send your CV to every vacancy going. You want to be approached for each role on its individual merits, so you can decide whether you want to be put forward.


Just put in a little research upfront and you’ll find that registering with a recruitment agency was a great decision!

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