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5 Ways to Write an Effective Cover Letter

When applying for a job, you may feel that writing a cover letter is a bit of a waste of time, but it is an essential part of the application process. Recruiters will read the cover letter as it gives them a quick introduction to why you are applying for the role and what makes you suitable. It is just as important to include a cover letter as a CV, as this is where you summarise the key points in your CV. There are various methods you can use to write an effective cover letter.

Strong Introduction


The standard introductions are usually along the lines of ‘I am writing to apply for the Facilities Jobs Vacancies of’, but this is what most candidates use and quite honestly, it’s a bit dull. If you want to grab the attention of recruiter from the off-set, make your introduction a little different. You may want to start with an introduction such as, ‘I am a trained facilities manager with 10 years and would like to apply for your role as I believe it suits my skillset’ and then go into some detail about how you are the ideal candidate for the job.


Use Relevant Details


You only need to include those details from your CV which are actually relevant to the role, you don’t need to describe your entire career history. It is better to be concise than go into great length about your skills and experience. This is a summary of your CV and what you can do, should be clear.




A good way to stand out is to personalise you cover letter to suit the company. You may need to conduct a bit of research. For instance, you may find that the company has recently won a big client, so you could mention this in the cover letter and how this entices you to the role, i.e. you can see that they are a growing business. It is too tempting to send in a generic CV for every job you apply for, but this will be obvious to the recruiter.


Be Enthusiastic


You should come across as enthusiastic about the role and the company you are applying to, as this will impress the recruiter. Don’t make it seem that you are fed up applying for jobs. Enthusiasm goes a long way to finding success. A recruiter won’t be looking to hire someone who seems unenthusiastic and miserable.


Keep it Brief


Your cover letter should be a round-up of your experience, so it should only be around a page long. Mention the key skills and experience you have which are suited to the role and why you are applying. If there are any major gaps in your employment, you might want to mention this in your cover letter and explain why i.e. you were travelling or doing volunteer work while looking for employment.

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