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Creating a Speedy and Efficient Recruitment Process

When it comes to recruitment we rarely take time out to review our processes and see where we could create efficiencies. With businesses focussed on cost savings, recruitment is often more considered, which generally means the process is slower. Here are five steps you can follow to create a speedier and more efficient recruitment process.

Step One – Map Your Process

Take the time before you recruit to map out how you approach recruitment, with a brief overview of how long each step takes. Often when you do this you’ll see areas where you could save time. For example do CVs travel between different managers for review, when a meeting with all parties could achieve the same result in half the time?


Step Two – Create a Specific Job Ad

You’ll be amazed at how creating a specific job advertisement can dramatically reduce the number of unsuitable CVs that you receive. Some recruiters focus on quantity when it comes to measuring the success of a recruitment campaign, however handling piles of unsuitable candidates can be time-consuming, so be clear on the essential and desirable requirements of the role.


Step Three – Be Flexible

When you’ve selected candidates for interview, you have to remember that they have commitments to their current employer and may not be able to take a day off at short notice. So why not consider offering them an evening or early morning interview, maybe even off site if they’re concerned their current employer might find out. Video interviews are also a great option as they give you a chance to meet the candidate without the commitment of a face to face interview.


Step Four – Be Proactive

It might be that certain candidates are not looking for a new role, however if offered they might be persuaded to jump ship! LinkedIn is brilliant for identifying suitable candidates, perhaps from your key competitors, and reaching out to them to see whether they’d be interested in meeting with you. Industry events are great too for meeting potential candidates on an informal basis.


Step Five – Make a Decision!

Many companies have an effective and efficient recruitment process, up until the point it comes to making that final offer. It could be because other senior management need to sign off on the selection, or because the hiring manager is struggling to make a decision. However leaving candidates too long after an interview is risky, as most likely they’re interviewing for other positions at the same time.


Creating a speedy and efficient recruitment process will make your life easier, plus it will mean you’ll have the best chance of securing the best talent!


Good Luck

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