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The Briefing, 26th Jan 2023

It is a common misconception that one must love every aspect of their job to be satisfied with it. However, it is natural for frustrations and challenges to arise in any job. It is important to remember that it is not necessary to love every aspect of your job, every single day, for it to be the right job for you.

It is possible to have a job that you love overall, but still have days or tasks that you do not enjoy. For example, a job that you find fulfilling, but may find certain tasks such as creating project outlines or back-to-back meetings tedious, that doesn’t mean you hate your job. It is normal to have days or weeks where you may feel disengaged with your work.

Instead of focusing on unrealistic expectations of always loving every aspect of your job, it is important to consider the bigger picture.

Are you fulfilled by the work you do, and do you feel a sense of purpose?

These are the key indicators that you are in the right job for you. It is not necessary to start looking for something new as soon as you don’t feel engaged, rather, look at your job.

Once you however have looked at your job and it’s no longer for you; do reach out to me personally.

Best Wishes

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