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The Briefing, 13th Feb 2023

“The Value of Goodwill: How Kind Companies Succeed”

Recently I read something, and it discussed someone talking about a decent person,

It went on to say something along the lines of:

“Both a person’s pleasantness and their kindness does not require verbal affirmation; it simply emanates from them.”

This sentiment also applies to corporate cultures and its central to an organisations core value and believes.

If a company announces one day that they have a non-racist recruitment policy, it may prompt scepticism as to why they felt the organisation feels the need to make this declaration.

Surely a genuinely inclusive workplace culture doesn’t need to boast about its inclusiveness; it just demonstrates it through its actions. Am I right?

In today’s competitive business landscape where consumers have numerous options, some companies believe they need to be loud and attention-seeking to stand out. While this strategy may work in attracting consumers, it can have the opposite effect on attracting and retaining top talent.

If a company fails to follow through on its promises, employees will eventually find out and leave, causing harm to the company’s financial performance and ultimately their reputation.

It is easy to be lured by grandiose claims, but if you want to assess the authenticity of a company’s culture, simply begin by asking the right questions.

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