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Facilities Job Application Lessons From the Beautiful Game...

How to win in the Facilities Management Job Application Process – from Maxwell Stephens

The best and the brightest competing at the highest international level, where winning is life changing? It sounds like the Facilities Management Job Application process could be competitive to us


World Cup Fever is raging in our office. Even England’s early loss to Italy and the fact that I’ve won Australia in the office sweepstakes can’t dampen my Copa Mundial spirit.


In fact, the focus on all things football has revealed just how much some of our facilities management candidates could learn from these international footballing nations.


First off, looking good on paper doesn’t guarantee success: defending champions Spain’s 5-1 thrashing by Holland on Friday night demonstrated clearly that the strength of a candidate on paper doesn’t always equate into results. When we interview a candidate who seems perfect for a particular job we’re recruiting for, it can be frustrating when they fail to make the client’s short list.


But the simple fact is: even the strongest candidate can fail to make the grade if the competition is strong. After all, they don’t call it the ‘group of death’ for nothing.


Plus, there’s the added frustration that star performers don’t always perform well on a big stage. Lionel Messi might have got the winning goal in Argentina’s first game – against Bosnia and Herzegovina – on Sunday night, but the first-half performance left many wondering whether he was going to live up to his (well-deserved) reputation. Messi isn’t alone in this.


Perhaps it’s nerves? Perhaps the pressure of the occasion? Either way, as recruitment consultants, we know it is vital that our candidates are confident and well-prepared enough so that nerves and pressure don’t come into play.


Good preparation is vital. Preparation isn’t only about a candidate’s skills or talent. It isn’t only about them understanding what is expected, or what the competition will demand from them (although that helps). It isn’t even about getting a good night sleep away from distractions (although Fabio Capello might have argued differently). It’s about knowing in advance how you can let your true abilities shine and taking your chances when they come.


Your past glories matter. As every world cup supporter knows, you need to shout about your past achievements. We’re not suggesting you take vuvuzelas into your interview with you, but do be prepared to talk about demonstrable achievements. Practice so you can do this succinctly but with convincing detail. Take the Brazilian fans chant of “Pentacampeao” as your model (we are five times world champions). Succinct and detailed.


Is excellence in one area enough to take you through?


Sometimes a candidate is so strong in one area that it makes up for any perceived weaknesses they have in another discipline (yes, we’re talking about you Portugal). But that can only get you so far. Cristiano Ronaldo might be able to drag his team through the group stage, but can they really progress further? Listen when your recruitment consultant suggests ways in which you can build on or improve your skill set!


During a normal recruitment process, interviewers will see a lot of facilities management candidates, so a little flair and creativity go a long way. When it comes down to the flair of Brazil versus the discipline of Germany, who would you want to win? Your interviewer is going to be looking for someone they’d like to have in their team as much as someone who can get the job done. Make your answers memorable as well as convincing!


Finally, as we learnt from the tournament’s opening match, when hosts Brazil beat Croatia 3-1, it helps if the referee is on your side too. Choose your referees wisely because they can affect the outcome of the whole game.


And yes, a bit of luck doesn’t hurt either; I have a feeling that I’m going to need a lot of luck to be successful in the office sweepstakes!


Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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