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The 5 Keys to a Successful Partnership with a facilities management recruitment firm

Employing the right people is essential to running any successful business. When you use the services of a Facilities Management Recruitment firm such as Maxwell Stephens for your recruitment needs; essentially we are representing your organisation working on your behalf to find the right candidates. Hence why it is so important that you work effectively with us and follow these steps to successful partnership working:

Good brief

Providing a good brief and job description on your vacancy is essential! The more detail you are able to give about the role will enhance the appropriateness of CV’s you receive and ensure the right level of skills and experience. Information should include; job title, job specification, role responsibility, location, essential and desirable criteria, salary banding and any other specific information you may have in terms of preferred background history. Providing a structure of the department and reporting lines are useful as candidates often request this information would help to see where the role sits within your company. Also, giving thought about the culture of your firm and the type of personality and attitude that would fit – absolutely critical for facilities management roles.


Companies such as Maxwell Stephens work hard to maintain relationships with potential candidates and it is essential you provide feedback throughout each stage of the process so we can relay this to the candidates on your behalf. If you decide not to progress a candidate past CV stage a brief sentence about your reasoning is helpful. If a candidate has attended an assessment centre or interview then slightly more detailed feedback about their performance is appropriate. If a candidate is unsuccessful it is important for us to understand the reasoning for this together with any positive comments so that we can feedback to them. This will enable them to learn from the experience even though they were not successful in getting the job. It would help ourselves to get a closer match the next time around, thus saving time over the long term. For the successful candidate feedback is still important, let us know what you liked about them and the details of the offer.


In fast-paced business environments changes happen on a daily basis and it is not uncommon for your recruitment needs to be among those changes. Recruitment Consultants have an appreciation for this and it is important we, also, have an understanding of any imminent changes that may affect any of the roles we are recruiting. Be honest; keep us updated with changes in your organisation that may affect the recruitment process, again saving us all time over the long term.


Timeliness is paramount to maintaining interest from candidates; the Consultants role is to keep levels of communication fluent between the candidate and the client. Often this is hindered by poor timescales; Maxwell Stephens Recruitment Consultants can wait for feedback on CV’s, interviews and even confirmation of job offers for lengths of time which are not conducive to maintaining good relationships with the candidates. Candidates can lose interest if kept waiting around for too long without any reasoning for the delay. If you can respond within 48 hours with feedback on any of stages of the selection process, then this would be a more efficient and effective way of working. This can keep the candidate interested in your role and also maintain the reputation of the agency and your company, if kept waiting too long for feedback you run the risk of losing the person to another company.

Work together

Work together to forge a strong partnership where you can rely on the services of a recruitment firm such as Maxwell Stephens. Remember to utilise their skills and experience in recruitment to suit your needs. When a consultant has a better understanding of you and your business it will only enhance the quality and suitability of candidates presented to you. The ultimate aim is to fill your role with an ideal candidate who ticks all boxes; this is the ultimate result for both parties! This relationship will develop through time and will result in a very successful relationship where you can count on your Recruitment Consultancy to meet your needs.

Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens