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Whenever things don’t go your way, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing why. Asking for feedback during your job search can be extremely beneficial in helping you improve and do better the next time. The problem is that most of the time we’re afraid of asking for feedback because we’re afraid of what we might hear. To be successful in your job search, this feedback is critical and you must be willing to ask for it.

Whenever you have an interview, it may be tough to get feedback from the employer after just the first interview. However it never hurts to ask, especially if the interview went well but you didn’t get the job. The employer might be more willing to give feedback after the second interview, especially if you position it in a way that you will use the information to be a better employee if you end up getting the job. While this may be the most difficult person to get feedback from, it can also be the most beneficial if they are willing to do so. So just ask.


Another great source of great feedback can be your previous co-workers. If you’re on good terms with them, they can give you their thoughts on you as an employee and give you pointers on areas you can improve in your communication skills, which are critical for interviewing.


Don’t ever be afraid to video tape mock interviews you have with friends and family. While it may be difficult to evaluate yourself, the video never lies and you’ll see areas of improvement immediately.


One other great source is to hire a professional to offer feedback and advice for your job search. They will be able to give you comprehensive feedback from your CV to your body language, voice tone, mannerisms, proper language and more.


Of course, all of this feedback and advice is useless if you’re not willing to listen to it and use it to your benefit. No one likes to hear criticism of themselves, whether it be constructive or destructive, but your willingness and ability to listen to the people who just want to help you succeed can go a long way in your job search and could help you land the job of your dreams.


Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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