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7 Creative Ways to Find the Best Talent!

Job sites are great for pushing your ad out to as many people as possible, however if you want to really find the best talent, you need to find more creative ways of attracting their attention!

Shake Up Your Recruitment Process

The standard interview process might not the right thing if you want to attract some serious talent. So consider open days or group interviews, to create a more dynamic interview experience that allows you to get to know candidates a little better, and see how they perform in a group setting.


Find Out Where Your Talent are Looking

Which social networks do they use? Where will they be looking for opportunities? Work with your marketing colleagues to ensure your advert reaches the talent in places they’re looking to ensure you get quality candidates and make the most of your advertising spend.


Consider Digital Media

Rather than a standard job ad, why not include a video interview with your company’s director to demonstrate the ethos of the business and the kind of person you’re looking for. Invite candidates for a Skype interview as a first step, to ensure a speedy interview process.


Go On the Hunt

Don’t just wait for the best talent to come to you, get out there and find them! Many employees are passive job seekers, so are often open to discussing potential opportunities even when they’re actively looking for a job. Connect with them via LinkedIn and arrange an informal chat to find out more about them and see whether they’re interested.


Attend Events

Think bigger than just career events, what about courses that those in your industry will be attending, or seminars? Events such as these are ideal for networking, and getting to know a candidate before you get in to the hard sell!


Recommend a Friend

Incentivise your employees to recommend friends or former colleagues for the position. They work day to day in your business so will have a really good idea of the kind of person who will fit well in to the company’s culture.


Consider Old Candidates

You struggled to choose your last hire, as you had a couple of really strong options, so why not get in touch with them? You don’t need to invite them in for a formal interview, just a short informal chat to see what they’ve been up to since you last met with them and whether they’re still interested in working for the company.

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