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FM Providing Strategic Advantage

There was a time when Facilities Management was considered to be an operational/tactical function. It kept the lights on, and no more. It did not have a seat at the table when businesses spoke about competitive advantage, or about how they would attract clients. Gone are the days of FM being considered an overhead, as smart organisations are harnessing it to delight employees and clients, and to even drive innovative cost savings. These are a few real business examples…


Law Firm Catering


There are a number of magic circle law firms, most of which offer similar legal services and are lucky enough to hire some of the most talented lawyers. So how do you encourage clients to use their firm rather than a competitor? A well-known magic circle law firm in London hired a head chef who had experience in many Michelin star restaurants. The food in not just the private dining area, but also the canteen is exceptional. Even the coffee beans are carefully selected to ensure that clients want to take their morning meetings at this particular firm. The firm realised that they could encourage clients through their stomachs to do business with them. Facilities Management ran the catering contracts and were key in providing this strategic advantage for the firm.


Video Conferencing to Cut Costs


Travel can be a huge business expense, once you factor in flights, hotels, and expenses. However, individuals across the globe benefit from seeing one another and building relationships. Facilities Management teams have been successful in reducing these costs by implementing state of the art video conferencing systems and dedicated rooms so that employees can almost imagine their colleagues are in the same rooms as they are. Some of the best suppliers design the room interiors in the different countries in exactly the same fashion. They also curve the rooms so you could be sat at the same table.


Making Best Use of Office Space


Organisations can make business out of purchasing a building and leasing floors to other companies, and/or leasing a premises and sub-leasing space (if that is permitted). If Facilities Managers get this right, it can be a very lucrative revenue stream. In a similar vein, particularly in the larger cities, it can be attractive to clients if the premises is in a prime destination such as the cheese grater in the city of London as an example.




Facilities Management can offer strategic advantage to an organisation and I certainly feel like this is only the beginning of the journey, which makes it an incredibly exciting time to be a Facilities Manager.


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Peter Forshaw – Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens



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