Maxwell Stephens

"Focus is the art of knowing what to ignore." - I AM 10 Thrive Project

It’s been an unusual few weeks for us all, but hopefully you’ve developed new ways of working, settled into good routines and most importantly kept safe and well.
We’ve been busy working away albeit from our home offices and kitchen tables, and I wanted to share some free resource that I think everyone can benefit from.
Whenever I have needed some inspiration, I have watched podcasts.
There is a lot of them out there…believe me!!
I think I have seen 100’s…. Well I know I have!
I have automatically switched ALL off the ones that are still charging and I have instead zoned in on the people that are trying to give something back, because I genuinely believe that it is the right thing to do in this present time. #HELPEACHOTHER!
The best of these videos, no question at all and which are free is being produced by a gentleman called: Gavin Ingham.
I came across Gavin about 10 years ago, just after Lehman Brothers collapsed – It was actually the perfect time because as our business went off the cliff for a few months; Gavin and his motivational words were there to remind me to keep going and to be 10 out of 10. Or in Gavin’s words #IAM10
Well Gavin has been at it again in this unusual period of COVID-19 and has released a whole series of interviews in the form of short podcasts with some of the best motivational speakers I have EVER heard! It’s called the #IAM10 Thrive Project.
I strongly recommend anyone whom hasn’t heard of Gavin and his thrive project please do sign up and watch them, you won’t regret it. They are only 30 mins in length and all of which are highly recommended.
The best link is to join up. Most of the outlines are on there too. It might still say daily but it is now weekly but there are 20+ interviews in there already.
I enjoyed them all and not only just because Gavin is a fellow Yorkshireman either; simply the only problem is they are all so good, that you may struggle to decide which to watch first.
My favourites without question were Jim Steele and Dr Rob Bell.
Sit back, and enjoy.
Lastly If you would like a catch up with myself about anything at all really, do book yourself into my diary here.
Keep safe and well
Peter Forshaw