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How to Get the Salary you Want!

You have wowed them with your CV and got that job interview, fantastic! But what about the money? Talking about salaries with a potential employer can feel very awkward, but it’s really important that you are happy with this aspect of a job.


Before you discuss it, read these tips for negotiating the salary you want:


Be professional


Show that you are serious about the role by maintaining a professional demeanour during your interview. Dress smartly and do your homework about the job and the company. If you make them want you, and only you, for the role then you have more chance of negotiating your salary at a later point.


Don’t talk money at the interview (unless it comes up)


A job interview is just the start of the process; talk about the salary straight away and you risk giving the impression that you are only there for the money, and might even leave in favour of a better paying job.


Of course if they mention it first then it is fine to broach the subject, but don’t be too demanding at this stage.


If, at the end of the interview, the employer asks whether you have any questions, then of course it is not rude to enquire about salary at this stage but it is perhaps more appropriate to ask a role-specific question first.


If asked what your expected salary is, go for a range rather than a specific figure


Hopefully this will overlap with the employer’s expectation and it should make it easier to negotiate up at a later date.


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Go to the interview with your goal in mind


Be prepared for the question, and make sure your goal salary is realistic. This means doing research first; what is usual for the industry and job role? Also consider how much you need to pay your bills, and what would be the minimum you would take for the role.


Maintain that poker face


If they come back with more than you were expecting, it will be very tempting to give them a beaming smile and shout YES! but this might be seen as over-keen and slightly off-putting. Instead, remain calm, polite and professional and save the celebrations until you get home.


Make your closing statement count


The interview is over and you think it’s gone well, but maybe the proposed salary just isn’t as high as you were hoping?


As you leave, tell them how excited you are about the job, and that you would be open to negotiation of the salary. Don’t push this point too hard; you don’t want to ruin a great interview by appearing pushy over a small amount of money. There is room for final negotiations when you are offered the job.


Hopefully, they will think you are worth it!


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How to Get a Job.

How to Get a Job

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