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Getting to know the Client in Facilities Management

Facilities management has a very broad range. Every building is different based upon the particular industry. In addition, there are the specific needs of the client as well as the goals of a company to consider. A strong facilities management recruitment firm will get to know the client in order to provide the best quality candidates possible.


The only way that a recruitment firm can effectively present candidates is if they know what the client wants. Since few companies can put into words everything that they need because the criteria are such a long list, it must be based on knowing expectations. The range of Facilities a vast and can be hospitals, offices, airports, stadiums and much more. They are all operated differently but they must all be operated correctly.


It is necessary for an FM recruitment firm to understand not just what the client wants but also what the business needs. This could include strong financial returns, quality products or anything else. Knowing what the company needs will ensure that the recruiter looks for traits within the candidates that will be able to provide the results that the business is looking for.


Every recruitment firm should get to know the company before handing over candidates. Should they simply accept a job and start delivering candidates, the candidates will be very generic. They may be capable of doing the job, but they may not be able to do it well.


Facilities management is a very intricate industry to be involved in. Because it has such a wide range of services, it requires the right person in the job. A person needs to be self-motivated, organised, good with dealing with others as well as have an array of other skills that depends upon what the client wants and expects, such as a solid understanding of financial management, a background in food and beverages, the ability to analyse statistics or any other such information.


When a facilities management recruitment firm gets the chance to really know what the client is looking for, a better candidate is presented. The more qualified a candidate is, the less training they will need to start performing the job they were hired for. Further, a truly qualified individual will be able to provide insight to the business and grow within the company. This is the mark of a very good hire, which is why it is critical for a recruiter to understand the client’s needs entirely.


Facilities management recruitment is not something that every recruiting firm does well. Experience and understanding in the field of FM goes a long way, but understanding and learning from the client can go even further in choosing the right candidate for any open position that a company needs to fill.

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