Maxwell Stephens

Habits Of A Good Boss


Being a good boss really isn’t easy.

On top of the workload, you are responsible for motivating, directing and rewarding each and every employee who have different needs and mentalities. Being a great boss starts with becoming one which stems from lessons that in fact never end. It follows from a refinement of different techniques and methods used towards staff and the practices of the business. Despite different bosses using different styles of leadership, there is certainly a set of habits that all bosses can follow to help improve their leadership skills in the workplace. 



Businesses begin with an idea, grow by achieving goals and succeed through hard work. A boss that has a clear vision and purpose in the running of the business will make sure everything goes as planned. This drive to strive benefits employees motivation and confidence in the work place as they see the themselves and the business hit goals founded by the boss.



One of the first steps in moving towards a collaborative, productive work environment is creating an open channel of conversation between the employees themselves as well as yourself and your employees. Allowing your employees to speak their mind freely creates bonds between one another and as boss you gain a lot of respect in the workplace for this. It creates a comfortable and open setting for workers to interact and work well as a team.



Company culture is a massive part of every business and one trait you must carry is positivity. This positivity stems essentially from the boss and their business practices. Examples of a positive approach is complementing and rewarding employees work, pushing people on, striving to hit that next goal but most importantly, never being broken when something doesn’t workout. The positive mindset filters out down through the entire business and creates a great environment to work in for the boss and their employees.



 The boss may be in charge but nothing says the boss knows everything, a good boss is open to ideas and opinions from employees ranging from a change in plans to achieve a target or simply a blog title. These ideas and opinion don’t have to be taken forward but they should be acknowledged with feedback provided. A boss giving employees the opportunity to bring ideas sparks creativity in the work place, enhancing business performance.



Each individual has a different life with their own problems, a boss must understand their employees lives and provide support or at least show basic understanding and sympathy. For such a simple trait to bring into the workforce, it really does have an immense effect. As a result employees feel a sense of security and care in the place they spend most of their life, feeling respected and understood doesn’t only improve morale but also has an indirect impact on individual performance


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