Happy World FM Day!

As today is World FM Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the amazing FM professionals out there for their hard work, especially when we consider what’s been happening in the world over the past year or so and how pivotal FM professionals have been in keeping people safe and secure in the work place. Thank you!


Andrew Smart, Head of FM Consultancy at Mace, has articulated it best…



Keep the lights on, make you warm when it’s cold, cool you down when it’s hot, clean up after you, keep you safe and secure, feed you, make you coffee, greet you with a smile, help you find your way, recycle rubbish, manage change, make hygienic places to work and live, reduce carbon, deliver parcels, manage space, and so much more, in every kind of place, all around the globe……….

Then tomorrow, we’ll do it all again.

We are FMs

Happy World FM Day”

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