Where are you working? Heading into the office? Working from home? Or a bit of both?

With the turmoil of the past year or so, and the somewhat surprising success of working from home for many organisations, the future of the workplace has become a big talking point. To get a better grasp of the current situation, we took a poll of over 450 professionals within our network asking them the following question…

In the next couple of months, where will you be working?:

Working from home full time
Hybrid working (some working from home, some working in the office)
Back in the office full time

The past year has been a significant catalyst for change in many areas, and it’s vital that businesses evolve to survive in this new environment. The future of the workplace is obviously a key factor for us as facilities management recruiters, yet despite the numerous commentators on the subject, nobody knows for sure what this future looks like.



From our perspective as facilities management recruiters, we are quite optimistic to see that the vast majority of people we asked (89%) are returning to the office at least part time. This seems to follow the prevailing idea at the moment that “hybrid” working may be the workplace model of choice for many organisations. 

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