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How to hire a facilities manager and other speciality roles

To explain further speciality employees or specialists are knowledge workers who have the required specialist skills or training necessary to fulfil a specific job role within facilities or the facilities management industry.

To explain further speciality employees or specialists are knowledge workers who have the required specialist skills or training necessary to fulfil a specific job role within facilities or the facilities management industry.


These individuals are generally in high demand, but in short supply. That makes it all the more important to target your recruitment, and to bring in the expertise of specialist recruitment agencies like Maxwell Stephens.


Facilities management jobs


Maxwell Stephens recruits within the area of Facilities Management – for posts related to management of buildings and both white and blue collar maintenance solutions. These roles are advertised and offered on a permanent, temporary contract or interim basis.


We offer a wide range of jobs related to facilities management, such as operational directors, interim managers, procurement managers, relocation and moves management, implementation managers, PFI, business development managers, facilities management consultants, bid managers.


We are also able to offer executive search for some senior positions including maintenance supervisors, maintenance managers, assistant & chief engineers and director of engineering roles.


A facilities manager may also source or recruit specialists in HR  and people management, wellbeing, Health and Safety, security, cleaning, projects engineering and for many maintenance roles including painters & decorators, handymen/women, maintenance operatives, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, shift engineers, catering/kitchen engineers, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers and floor laying/restoration services.


Let’s look at some strategies to recruit workers for various specialisms and knowledge workers with appropriate talent.


Using data in the public realm


Human capital data is information that shows the contribution a person could make to your organisation. The most obvious source of human capital data is a CV: a summary of a person’s experience and achievements, that is easily searchable.


Today, recruiters and companies have greater access to more data than ever before. As well as CVs, social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great sources of human capital data. Blogs, press releases and other documents and textual information can also be found on the internet.


Yet, some of the best candidates’ CVs are unimpressive, with little clue of their true potential, or their past accomplishments. The best candidates are not easily identifiable by CVs or resumes online, and there is no CV search that will automatically indicate top talent. This is where a recruitment consultant or agency can filter out much of the dross and drill down to the essence.


Every internet search comes up with results. Just type in a title and a keyword into LinkedIn, Monster, ATS or the Internet. But finding results isn’t the same as finding the best. And except for the rarest, very comprehensive and detailed LinkedIn profiles, social network data gives less sense of the true capabilities of the person the data represents.


Finding and hiring the best people with knowledge and specialisms will take extra work – and Maxwell Stephens can take the strain and produce the best results.


Much human capital data is never actually found, and most people are completely unaware of the candidates who would best fit the roles they have available.


It pays to use Maxwell Stephens’ services. We can post advertisements for specialist roles to thousands of prospective candidates through our advertising, websites, mail outs to our extensive mailing list, and newsletters.


We can headhunt perfect candidates of job seekers with the skills you need. Our dedicated recruitment consultants can help you.


If you’re not happy with just filling positions and expect more; if you’re looking to identify and acquire top talent, look for professional knowledge workers like the recruitment specialists at Maxwell Stephens. We get the best results for you.

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Maxwell Stephens provide clients with a facilities recruitment UK service that will guide you through the complete process. We are always on hand to support and advise you, should you encounter a problem and endeavour to do whatever we can to rectify any concern or query that you may have.