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Hire the right Facilities Manager first time around

Facilities management can often seem like a revolving door of staff. Either they leave on their own terms because they’re not happy with the environment or you have to fire them because they are incapable of doing the job they were hired for. This is a costly process that can quickly damage a company’s reputation.

With the utilisation of facilities management recruitment services, it’s possible to make the right hire the first time around to avoid any embarrassing situations or financial crises.





There is a delicate balance between a good facilities manager and a bad one. It can be difficult to see simply by looking at CV’s, which is often the cause of a bad recruit.





Anyone can make their CV look professional – it’s up to the recruiter to see the faults and press the right questions to determine if a person truly has the skills to do the job that they are required to do.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a manager with hard skills, soft skills or both, it’s imperative to make sure that they know what they’re talking about. Asking particular questions about the industry and listening for the right answer can go a long way in determining if a person actually knows what they are talking about or they are going through the motions in order to get the job.


Facilities management recruitment experts include industry analysts, consultants, psychologists, networkers and others. They will be able to determine what a particular FM client needs as well as determining whether a particular candidate is a good fit or not. The recruiter’s job is two-fold in this regard – they need to make sure that the employee is happy with the job as well as the client being happy with the employee.






If either aren’t a perfect match, the position won’t be filled for long.






This is where the balance comes into play even more. An FM recruiter must satisfy the client’s needs as well as the candidate’s needs. Otherwise the person will be leaving the job in one way or another much sooner than anticipated, which is only going to cost the company more money because the position will need to be filled yet again.


The benefit to hiring the right person the first time around goes beyond saving money. The right person will bring more prosperity to the environment, building and company and literally breathe new life into the atmosphere. Clients will be happier and the employee will be happy as well because he or she will see the difference that they are making. It’s possible to put an end to the revolving door by making sure that it’s not just about the needs of the company but about what the candidate needs, too.


Maxwell Stephens provide clients with a facilities recruitment UK service that will guide you through the complete process. We are always on hand to support and advise you, should you encounter a problem and endeavour to do whatever we can to rectify any concern or query that you may have.

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