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How Not to Use Social Media When Job Hunting

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If you’re on the hunt for a new career, you might want to pause for a second before posting that picture of your night out onto your Facebook page, as over a third (36%) of 4000 recruiters recently surveyed by admitted that they have turned down a job applicant after snooping on their social media accounts.


Almost two thirds (65%) said that they routinely Google new applicants to get a feel for how they present themselves online, and over half (56%) said that what they find can affect the candidate’s chances.


So it’s definitely worth checking those security settings and making sure you are projecting the right professional image before your CV goes off to a prospective employer. 


Although two thirds (67%) of young job hunters aged 20-30 believed that their social media profiles mattered and thought that they could influence their chances of scoring a job, perhaps surprisingly, only 20% said they were very conscious of how they present themselves on the internet.


It’s not just just employees who need to be careful; 28% of job seekers also said that they would be put off by what they read online about a prospective employer.


However, don’t panic! It’s not necessary to ditch social media completely.


Social media doesn’t have to be a negative. By presenting themselves professionally on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, both candidates and organisations can turn social media to their advantage, building up online profiles for themselves that could persuade a new employer or employee that they are a great fit.


Why not use social media to your advantage in landing that dream job? Employers post vacancies on these to attract a large audience, so if you aren’t using them in your job search, you may be missing out!


Watch our video for key tips on harnessing the power of social media to leverage your job search:

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