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How to Stay Positive Searching for the Right FM Job

Application after application, CVs sent off in bulk, awkward interviews, the nervous wait. Nobody ever said looking for a job was going to be easy!


We know it can be incredibly difficult to stay positive whilst searching for your Facilities Management job. With fierce competition in the industry, there is also the big challenge of finding the right fit for you.


With the right attitude, you can make your job search more productive and allow yourself to discover your dream job.


As disheartening as the process may be, you must stay optimistic to give yourself the best chance of securing that perfect FM opportunity.


Creating an air of positivity whilst speaking to recruiters, consultants, and hiring managers will give a hard-to-ignore impression of confidence and drive. This’ll greatly increase your chances of success in interviews.


Here are our top tips to keeping yourself upbeat, and ready to find your perfect job.


Be realistic


Set yourself up for success, not disappointment. Apply for the roles you know you’re capable of. Only go for the jobs for which you have the right skills, education and experience.


When applying for a role, make sure you meet all the essential criteria, and at least 75% of the experience it asks for.


Write down exactly what you’re looking for and stick to it! Don’t let yourself get side tracked. If you do, you’ll only be wasting your time on applications that won’t get a response.


Try something a little different


How’s the search going? Review your current job search. If you’re not getting as many responses as you’d hoped for, consider trying a different approach.


Instead of just sending out CVs, come direct to Maxwell Stephens. Our team of professional FM recruiters have strong, established links with thousands of clients in London and across the UK. Believe us, we’ll know who’s out there looking for someone just like you.


Get yourself out there


Join LinkedIn and start networking! Actively put yourself in front of potential employers and recruitment consultants. Make new contacts and see the latest jobs.


It’s important that you join as many of the relevant job sites you can. Sign up for email alerts and fill your inbox with opportunities!


Keep in regular contact with your recruitment consultant at Maxwell Stephens. Let them know you’re still eager to find your perfect job, and with our unique relationships with employers across the UK, we can help you find it!


Follow it up


Don’t just wait around! Follow up on your application. It’ll show the employer that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about the position, and will also start dialogue between you and the company. First impressions count, so take control of yours.


Think positive – be positive


Just as important as qualifications and experience, companies want to employ people who have the right attitude.


Start believing in yourself and what you’re capable of. Stay optimistic throughout the entire process.


Don’t let rejection affect your job search; when one door closes, another door opens. So when you find that perfect opportunity, you’ll be grateful you didn’t just take any old job. 


Remember when speaking to your recruitment consultant that they’re acting on behalf of their clients. Act as you would with an employer; remain upbeat, professional and focused throughout.

Stay strong through your search, and your positivity and confidence will shine through at every interview.


To find the perfect facilities management job for you, please contact us online or call 0207 484 5009 and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.


If you’re interested in kickstarting your career, but you need help, then this resource is for you. Download our insightful e-book below for expert guidance.


How to Get a Job.

How to Get a Job

Looking for a job isn’t always the easiest of things to do. Whether it is your very first step on the career ladder, a move to a new career or perhaps a return to work, it can seem pretty daunting! Download our free e-book for top tips to get you into work.

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