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How to get headhunted in FM!

To get Headhunted in FM, what you have to realise is that the sole mission of a headhunter is to find the best talent for their client!

They’ll often work on a small number of briefs at any one time, and specialise in a certain area, building their network and learning who are the leaders and the up and comers in a given industry. They normally work with positions that aren’t advertised, as the employer is looking for a specific person, or a small number of key candidates. Building a relationship with a headhunter can be extremely beneficial to your career in the long run, as you could be top of their list if an exciting opportunity becomes available.


It’s just a case of following steps to get yourself noticed:



› You need to build a high profile and be visible in your business, through blog writing, publishing articles and attending relevant conferences and industry events. Demonstrate your knowledge and your passion for your career through compelling content that will make a headhunter take notice of you. Think about LinkedIn too, it’s a great tool to promote yourself by taking part in relevant group discussions.



› Get to know the people in your industry by being bold at events and confidently networking with key individuals. Consider doing your research beforehand and identifying a number of relevant professionals to try and speak to at the event. LinkedIn is great here too, linking with the right people can get you noticed by headhunters and demonstrate your presence and impact in the industry.




› Find out the names of known headhunters through your contacts and colleagues, and then name drop your contact when you speak to the headhunter. Normally headhunters make the first move, but you have nothing to lose by simply getting in touch or connecting with them via LinkedIn.




› If a headhunter does contact you regarding possible opportunities it’s important you consider their proposal, but also know what you’re looking for. A headhunter isn’t there to help you decide what you should do next in your career, you should have a clear idea of what is the right move so you don’t waste their time.




› Headhunters work on a small number of jobs at any one time, researching the industry thoroughly and finding the most suitable candidates, so don’t expect to hear from them straight away. It might take a while for an appropriate opportunity to become available, however it may well be worth the wait.



The key thing to remember is that a headhunter is looking for the best talent for their client, so you need to demonstrate that you’re that talented person they’re looking for!

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