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Overcome Shyness at Your New Job...

When we start a new role it can be incredibly daunting, meeting new colleagues, trying to work out our way around a new office all while trying to learn our new role. We all want to feel confident straight away in our new role and have good working relationship with our new colleagues.

But we need to remind ourselves these things take time and a little bit of confidence.

Shyness is often what makes us struggle even more going into a new role.

You need to start by determining why you are shy.

Are you shy usually? Or, is it just because of are starting a new role?

If you can figure out what is making you shy you may be able to find a solution. If for example it is someone you are intimidated by then you may find that having a chat with them to try and break that barrier.

If you are uncomfortable in a role it can lead to you being unhappy as it can become isolating quite quickly.

Here are some tips to help if you are feeling shy in a new role:

1.Set aims prior to a shift

Setting small goals before hand can motivate you to overcome the barrier and interact with others. Even if prior to a shift your goal is to speak to two colleagues during your shift, it will provide great self-satisfaction once achieved, acting as a stepping-stone to the next goal. Each shift you can slightly increase the aim, moving from two to three colleagues maybe before reaching five to ensure you are progressively becoming more interactive with a different range of colleagues and personalities. This may differ for differ occupations, however the concept stays the same, as it may be contribute one thing in a meeting or call three people. Whatever the occupation, stick to the concept and gradual expand the set of people you feel comfortable engaging in conversation with.

2.Positive self-talk

Positive self-talk is an excellent stress management technique for dealing with cognitive anxiety. Through using a few minutes of your day to internally motivate yourself to engage with others at work can be extremely beneficial. Phrases such as ‘coworkers will want to hear what I have to say’ may seem vague and almost foolish, however, these phrases can have the upmost effect on self-confidence. During your following shift, you will have a high belief in your ability to engage with others and overcome your shyness during each shift.

3. Make eye contact

When speaking or listening to your coworkers, attempt to match their eyes to ensure you portray your focus on them. Making direct eye contact will not only make them feel your engaged in the conversation, but it will also make you feel more involved in the conversation. Aim to hold eye contact for 60% as this ensures a successful interaction, without become too intense.

4.Daily greeting

When starting a shift, ensure on first sight greet your colleagues. Greeting your fellow colleagues demonstrates that your friendly and will encourage your colleagues to engage in productive discussion during the shift. It will aid you in speaking more, alongside inviting the other person to engage in conversation. 

5.Be yourself

This is important, you do not need to fake who you are, you got the group using your skills and personality. Allow these to shine through. GIVE IT TIME- it will take time to settle and feel comfortable but it will happen.

As well as these tips it is important to make sure you are coming across as approachable, make sure you attend any events that are planned at work, eat lunch with your colleagues and just keep going.

We all experience shyness, often coming from nervousness, when we start a new role but it is important to keep going. 

We all experience shyness,often at work. This may come from nevousness

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