How to Stand Out in a Facilities Management Interview

If you want to succeed in landing the job of your dreams, you will need to ace your Facilities Management Interview!

In a Facilities Management Interview, CVs and application forms can afford job-hungry candidates the luxury of pouring carefully over their submission for hours on end. Pressure is taken out of the situation and the candidate is free to fret and worry with no-one else present. Good facilities management jobs are not acquired through these means alone.

Three Ps have been highlighted that can help you to stand out in facilities manager interviews:

PersonalityFacilities managers come into contact with a multitude of different personalities in various scenarios. Therefore, you need to convey a personality that is calm, confident and assured.

Preparation – It is vital that you show up prepared and ready for your interview. If you can’t arrive prepared for the interview then how can you perform in the job to their expectations.

Problem solving – Interviewers always like to think of hypothetical problems for you to solve. Think of problems and make a note of how you solved these. Facilities managers are often faced with problems to solved and you need to prove you have this capability. Potential employers want to place candidates in the pressure of an interview situation because they want to be convinced that you can deliver the qualities highlighted in your CV when under pressure.

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Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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