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Top Interviewing Tips for Facilities Management Recruitment Success


The interview process can be more important than what you actually put on your CV. The reason is because this is where you get to make a vital impression on the company that could potentially hire you. From a facilities management recruitment standpoint, you need to put your best foot forward and really sell why you are the best candidate out of everyone who might also be interviewing.


There are certain tips that will help you stand out from the rest and be considered for the position that you are interviewing for:


Focus on Your Qualities! 

Whenever you get a chance to interview for a position, whether it’s with a hiring company or a facilities management recruitment company, you need to focus on all of your qualities. Don’t sell yourself short. Even if you aren’t the most experienced FM candidate out there, don’t lead on that you aren’t. Instead go in there and talk about all of the qualities that make you the right hire in comparison to everyone else.


Practice What You’re Going to Say!

Think about what’s on your CV and why you’re the right candidate. Practicing what you are going to say before you go in for an interview will help you to ensure that all of your thoughts are together and that they come out of your mouth in a very organised fashion. Facilities management recruitment companies say that those who are nervous during an interview often don’t get the attention that they deserve.


Familiarise Yourself with the Building in question if possible!

Facilities management recruitment companies may or may not give you a tour of the Building; so if at all possible, get familiar with the Building. This will help you talk about your ability to perform the tasks confidently. It will also help you to impress the employer because you have taken the time to learn about the Building that you could eventually be working in.


Talk About Your Credentials!

The only one who is going to talk about your credentials and all of your unique qualifications and education is you. Whether it’s on your CV or not, highlight it during the interview to the facilities management recruitment people. It could be the very thing that gets you the position instead of someone else.


Learn About the Position!

Find out all of the details that you can about the position that you are interviewing for. Facilities management recruitment will see a lot of candidates and if you know what you are responsible for doing, it will go a lot smoother.


Take Your Time with Answering Questions!

In facilities management recruitment, you will be asked a number of questions, specifically about mock situations to see how you would handle a situation. Give it some thought before you answer to make sure that it is really how you would deal with a particular scenario.


Be Ready for Anything!

During a facilities management recruitment interview, you may be asked to do anything, including perform maths problems, work a day in the Building, shadow another manager or walk the facilities. Be ready for all of it so that you don’t show your surprise to the employer.

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