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The Future of Job Advertising

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Maxwell Stephens are conscious of the fact that job advertising has in most cases become boring, unimaginative, and lazy on the part of recruiters.


Shaking The Job Advertising Trend


We want to shake the trend up by finding new ways to share job advertisements on social media



Maxwell Stephens have started to post our jobs on YouTube focusing on different vacancies we have available. We know that candidates may not specifically start their job search on YouTube, however hosting it on their network allows us to share the video online via our extensive network.

Video ads can then be embedded on the homepage or accompany the actual job ad itself. It brings life to the opportunity in a way that a written job description cannot. It also provides Maxwell Stephens with another content medium to share with our network, whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.


Sustainable Format

We have created a sustainable format for sharing jobs whilst maintaining a professional image for our clients and candidates. So far we have been pleasantly surprised by the success of YouTube job advertising.


You can see some two examples of these adverts here:

Project Manager (Client Direct)

Our extraordinary client is seeking for immediate employment a talented, experienced and visionary project / property manager.

Rarely do we advertise roles as interesting, diverse and exciting as this one. Our client produces and hosts amazing spectacles in their diverse range of venues.


Multi-Site Facilities Manager (Innovative Property Company)

Our client is an extremely dynamic fast growing corporate organisation who both own and manage a multi-site mixed portfolio of large buildings.


Maxwell Stephens have been in practice 10 years in 2016, for more on ourselves and our company, head to our Jobs in Facilities Management page, and for details of the clients we have successfully worked, head to our Clients page.


For expert guidance, as well as real and relevant information on the industry as we experience it, download our ebook: ‘The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know’.


The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know

The 101 Things A Facilities Manager Should Know.

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As facilities management recruitment experts; Maxwell Stephens endeavours to share our knowledge and provide you with realistic and relevant information on the industry.

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