The Facilities Job Search Basics

The facilities management job search basics

You need to start at with the Job Search basics when looking for a new job in Facilities Management, it’s easy to get lost before you have even started. The biggest problem most job seekers experience is that they go about the process all wrong. They search the internet for anything that pays well and comes with lots of benefits. When they eventually end up landing a job based on that criteria, they almost always are back in the job hunt after just a few months or even a couple of years.

If you want to find something that will be fulfilling and give you security for a long time, you have to identify your goals before starting your job search. There are several questions you can ask yourself when identifying your goals. For instance, what are you good at? Are you a good leader? Are you a good communicator or a good people person? Take time to write down the things that you’re good at. If you don’t know what they are, ask your friends or family. You ARE good at something.

Another question you can ask yourself when looking for a new job is what skills do you have? Are you skilled with computers or cars? Can you type? Do you have good filing and organizational skills? Knowing your skills is different from knowing what you’re good at. Being a killer computer programmer doesn’t require you to be a people person, and being a good leader doesn’t require you to be a good typer. So, make a list of your skills, and once you’ve done that you can concentrate on finding a job that is perfect for you.

To find your ultimate job you need to start by asking yourself; what job would you like to do? This is where you really start to narrow down your goals and identify the perfect facilities job. You’re going to spend at least ⅓ of your day at your job, so you might as well enjoy the time, right? Most people leave their job shortly after they start because they just didn’t enjoy it. They took the job for all the wrong reasons. These may seem like basic questions, but going into a job search without identifying the most basic elements puts you at a disadvantage. So, before you send out that first resume, take time to identify your goals and come up with a plan to accomplish them.

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Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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