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Money Talks – Negotiating Your Salary

Discussing the topic of money with an employer when you’ve just been offered a role can be really difficult. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but you don’t want to short change yourself either. It’s just a case of being clear and realistic, to ensure any negotiations are handled professionally and in good faith. However it’s also a case of knowing your value, and what you could bring to the business.

So benchmark yourself against the market to see how much other companies are offering for similar positions. You can do this quite easily by searching recruitment advertisements, and also by looking on sites such as, which offers salary information. You need to consider the experience you have, to judge the value you’re bringing to the role.


Then you need to tell them why you’re worth it! If you’ve requested more than the advertised salary or you feel the offer they’ve made doesn’t reflect your experience, then you demonstrate why you deserve more. You could start by saying “Thank you for your offer, however I would like to ask if you would consider increasing it by £5000, to reflect my experience in your industry, reducing training costs.”


You also need to consider the other benefits that are being offered, and think of those in monetary terms. Healthcare, flexible working hours or a company
car, are perks that can make a real difference to your life and income.


If you’re offered the role through a recruitment agency, then speak to your recruiter about the offer. Recruitment agencies, such as Maxwell Stephens, who handle roles in your industry on a daily basis, will be able to advise on the kind of salary you can expect. They can talk it through with you, and make sure you don’t come away feeling short changed.


The bottom line is, is that you need to be clear on your expectations. When you head in to negotiations with your new employer, it’s important you don’t suddenly move the goal posts, for example by accepting an offer then deciding that you’re not happy with the salary offered. If you head in there with a clear idea of what you’re worth and why you deserve it, then you’ll be offered a salary that was just what you were looking for!


Maxwell Stephens provide clients with a facilities recruitment UK service that will guide you through the complete process. We are always on hand to support and advise you, should you encounter a problem and endeavour to do whatever we can to rectify any concern or query that you may have.

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