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More Over, Clouds of Pessimism - Optimism is Back!

Times are changing. After a dramatic dip in the economy, the Facilities Management industry has risen again with a new trend that could change the way you run your company.

When employers recently struggled to commit to permanent full-time staff, we saw a rise in the number of interim candidates being used.


The ideal solution


This particular breed of Facilities Manager comes in to your company and makes an immediate impact, with little or no training necessary.


Employers could simply take on interims when they were required and only keep them for as long as they were desperately needed. The work could be completed without the company having to commit to taking on new permanent staff.


Extremely popular


Even following the economic uplift, these temporary managers are still incredibly popular.

You can expect an extremely high standard of experience and all the appropriate qualifications, which can be hard to find. As proactive and independent workers, you’ll find these individuals are especially self-motivated and enthusiastic.


The answer to your problems


Interim facilities managers can work by the hour or by the day, meaning employers have the freedom to hire as and when they need to.


Many feel there is a lot less risk to hiring interims, as there’s no real commitment involved. It doesn’t have to stay that way though!


Many companies use interim placements as a way of assessing a candidate’s suitability before offering a permanent contract. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’ situation.


Good for business 


We found that this interim-to-permanent-staff option has become exceedingly popular in the FM recruitment marketplace – with a 51% rise in just the past year!


Every business can benefit from being responsive to the forever changing economy and work environment. And this style of FM recruitment is clearly working for many companies.


Perfect in an emergency


Be it relocations or refurbishments, you need a facilities manager to oversee big projects in your offices. If you’re suddenly hit by holiday or sick leave, or simply need an extra pair of skilled hands, an interim manager is the perfect solution.


You can bring in a professional, experienced facilities manager at short notice and they will resolve any issues you may be having. It’s the quick and easy solution to your facilities needs!


Easy to find


With Maxwell Stephens’ industry-leading candidate database of highly skilled, quality facilities managers, we can provide you with your interim immediately, on a flexible basis.


Our database covers a broad range of skills, experience, and expertise. You can rest assured we will find you the ideal interim FM for whatever challenges you face.


Just call Maxwell Stephens to find the perfect Interim Facilities Manager for your business. You can reach us on 0207 118 48 48 or email

How to Market yourself as an Interim.

How to Market Yourself as an Interim Manager

Simply having skills is no guarantee of success. Many interim managers underestimate the amount of marketing they need to do in order to succeed

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