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New Year, New Job?

For many people, the new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to make positive changes in their life. Whether that’s finally joining the gym (for the first fortnight in January at least), or making the decision to leave a job that you’re unhappy in. If this is you then rest assured you are not alone. Research and our own experience suggest that the new year is one of the busiest times for recruitment. A new year can provide the boost in motivation many people need to start their job search and make a move.


Should I stay or should I go?
The new year may be the kicking off point for a change in job but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should immediately leave your current position. Searching for and securing a new position can be a lengthy process – Updating the CV, job searches, meeting with recruitment agencies, interviews, notice period – it soon adds up. If you leave your job too quickly, you could cut off your income for several months. Make sure you consider any timescales involved with getting a new job and any potential implications of leaving too soon (reliance on savings, employment gaps etc.)


Is anyone hiring?
Traditionally the run up to Christmas is a slightly quieter recruitment period, however in recent years we have seen an increase in recruitment activity around this time with many employers aiming to fill positions to start afresh in January. Despite this growing trend the beginning of the year remains a busy time in recruitment with many clients waiting until the new year to commence their recruitment efforts. Bear in mind that although there may be an influx of new positions, there is also an influx of new job seekers therefore competition for the best roles will still be fierce.


Don’t grasp at straws!
You may be in a job you despise and even getting out of bed in the morning can seem impossible. When people are in this position, they will often take any job they can to get out of their current situation. In some cases, this works well and makes sense (e.g. taking a temporary contract position until a suitable permanent role becomes available), however we have seen numerous instances of people “jumping ship” and moving immediately to a new permanent role only to find themselves in exactly the same position further down the line. Don’t let your feelings for your current job cloud your judgement on future opportunities! Take the time to reflect on your past experiences and assess what it is you want from a new job and where you see yourself in the future.


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