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Overcoming a Struggle to Find a Job

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Some people will go through their entire career without ever having difficulty securing a new role. However with the more transient nature of the career these days, many more people do face a struggle at least once to secure their next position.


If this happens after a redundancy or some other kind of exit from employment, it can feel particularly stressful as the bills pour in. When it happens whilst in employment it can be frustrating but perhaps not as difficult to cope with as your salary is still being paid. In my experience, when a candidate is finding it hard to secure their next role, the longer they look, the more disheartened they become, and unfortunately the more questions potential employers begin to ask. Fair or not, it is human nature for employers to question why the candidate has not been snapped up by somebody else. Therefore my first top tip is to do your initial search and if that is unsuccessful, to quickly ramp up your activity and put into action all of the tips I am about to share with you. Don’t wait – just as you would want to minimise the time a house is on the market – it is the same when marketing yourself.


Review and update your CV


Most CVs are developed over a number of years as a career develops. This can result in a slightly confused document which does not optimally represent the candidate or their skill set. The first thing to do is give the CV a revamp. There are lots of tips online to help you and failing that, speak to a recruitment consultancy such as ourselves who can give you a few pointers. If you still think you need more of a helping hand, you can employ a reputable CV writer who will work with you.


Don’t underestimate the importance of your CV. It is your key advertising tool.


Get your LinkedIn in shape


There are two main aspects you need to think about when it comes to LinkedIn. The first thing is that it is a brilliant tool to network, to find jobs, and to connect with people who can help you in your job search – so you should set up a LinkedIn profile if you do not already have one, and actively use it. Secondly, lots of prospective employers and recruiters will check you out on LinkedIn during an interview process, or perhaps before they even decide to offer you an interview. This is basic, but ensure you have a professional photo, and check that your profile does you justice. That means good content, and perfect spelling and grammar.


Meet recruiters


Recruiters typically have the closest relationships with hiring managers and have their ear to the ground for job opportunities coming up. They also know what the market is like and where you should be pitching yourself from both a role and salary perspective. Network with recruiters and take time to have positive and proactive relationships with reputable recruiters such as Maxwell Stephens.


In Summary


Looking for a new job can be stressful, and when things don’t go to plan it can become very disheartening. There are some tips to be mindful of that we have shared above that can ensure your job search is far easier.


For help finding your new role, please call 0207 118 48 48 or email and one of our expert team members will be happy to assist. 


Download our helpful resource below and we will guide you through the dos and don’ts of CV writing.


The Perfect CV - Questions, Answers and Tips

The Perfect CV – Questions, Answers and Tips

The job search is increasingly simple. Online search engines such as Google, social media engines such as LinkedIn and jobs boards such as and Monster have left candidates with an array of jobs to choose from like which they have never seen before.

The CV stage is somewhat harder. The CV is one of the two most important short documents of your career, it can make it, or it can break it.

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