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25th, August 2017

Facilities Management Salary Survey 2017

The 2017 Facilities Management Salary Survey is now live! Maxwell Stephens invites you to participate in our latest Facilities Management Salary Survey. We are surveying Facilities Management professionals to compare pay conditions, training, qualifications and general financial well-being to determine what matters most. The survey contains 32 questions and should only take several minutes to complete. […]

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17th, August 2017

The importance of the working environment – Amazing offices from around the world!

It can be quite easy to underestimate the effect that working environment and workplace design can have on both employees and customers. The world’s most successful organisations invest significant time and resources into their environment as they know that it has the ability to enhance and support the success of a business. For employees, chances […]

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8th, August 2017
Walkie Talkie building and FM

Sale of the Walkie Talkie building – what does it mean for FM, London, and the UK?

20 Fenchurch Street, the ”Walkie Talkie”, an office building in London, has just sold for £1,280,250,000 – one billion, two hundred and eighty million, two hundred and fifty thousand pounds. The stamp duty on that transaction? £64,002,000 – sixty-four million and two thousand pounds. Just what’s going on out there? London and the wider UK […]

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27th, July 2017

Questions Not to Ask In an Interview

I have read many blogs and articles that share questions TO ASK in an interview. In fact I have written about this subject myself. However, it is rare to find an article which highlights questions NOT TO ask. Of course, just as not preparing any relevant questions is often frowned upon by the interviewer, so […]

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27th, July 2017

5 top tips to stand out on LinkedIn

There are more than 450 million profiles on LinkedIn. 106 million of those users are active on a monthly basis, and 40% log in daily. Those are pretty impressive statistics, and it would be difficult to deny the importance for professionals to have a stand out profile on LinkedIn – particularly if they are actively […]

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21st, July 2017

9 interview questions to determine emotional intelligence

For an employer, recruitment into the organisation is one of the key determinants of business success. Interview processes only offer a limited time to ascertain if an individual has the requisite skills to perform the role, and whether or not they will fit into the company culture. Cultural fit and one’s ability to get on […]

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13th, July 2017

5 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy (and how to fix it)

Unhappy employees are bad for business as they are typically less effective in their roles. They can also cause disruption and negativity among colleagues. They also may decide to leave when perhaps before unhappiness set in, they were valuable employees. Furthermore, from an altruistic perspective, surely a good company and a good boss would not […]

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6th, July 2017

CV Advice – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

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30th, June 2017

The future of recruitment – the age of data

I’ve been in recruitment since leaving University in 2000. Specifically, facilities management recruitment. In those 17 years, the world has changed beyond recognition. This month, it’s the ten-year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, the smartphone that has been (probably correctly) credited with getting people to carry around a powerful, touchscreen computer with them […]

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