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21st, July 2017

9 interview questions to determine emotional intelligence

For an employer, recruitment into the organisation is one of the key determinants of business success. Interview processes only offer a limited time to ascertain if an individual has the requisite skills to perform the role, and whether or not they will fit into the company culture. Cultural fit and one’s ability to get on […]

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13th, July 2017

5 Signs Your Employees Are Unhappy (and how to fix it)

Unhappy employees are bad for business as they are typically less effective in their roles. They can also cause disruption and negativity among colleagues. They also may decide to leave when perhaps before unhappiness set in, they were valuable employees. Furthermore, from an altruistic perspective, surely a good company and a good boss would not […]

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6th, July 2017

CV Advice – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

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30th, June 2017

The future of recruitment – the age of data

I’ve been in recruitment since leaving University in 2000. Specifically, facilities management recruitment. In those 17 years, the world has changed beyond recognition. This month, it’s the ten-year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, the smartphone that has been (probably correctly) credited with getting people to carry around a powerful, touchscreen computer with them […]

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22nd, June 2017

Securing Employee Loyalty – Practical ways to encourage employee loyalty

There is a natural rate of labour turnover that is fundamentally important for all organisations if they are to have long term success. Why? Because the influx of new ideas and thoughts is imperative to disrupt stagnant practices, and to also force positive change. As well as this, there will naturally be wastage due to […]

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15th, June 2017

10 Habits of a Bad Employee

We have all worked with a less than model employee. For some reason their negativity tends to me more pervasive than that of the positive employees. Their attitude can cast a shadow over a team, and unfortunately can end up smothering the positivity of others. Bad employees tend to be easier to spot by their […]

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8th, June 2017

How to Secure a Promotion – Advice on how to progress in your career.

So you want a promotion? Perhaps you are unsure how to go about tackling this subject with your line manager. The biggest piece of advice I can share is that the skill is not in how you ask – it is in all of the groundwork you proactively lay at least 6 months to a […]

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1st, June 2017

Am I in the right job? Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go? When it comes to your job, that may be a question you ask yourself on a daily basis. You are not alone! According to research by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), which interviewed 1,000 male and female professionals of different age groups from across the UK, […]

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18th, May 2017

World FM day – Why FM is great!

World FM day was on Wednesday 17th May. The BIFM, along with other FM associations around the world, use today to highlight the increasing importance of facilities management as a profession. The stated goal for World FM day is to promote the ideals of facilities management to the profession itself, industry as a whole, the […]

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