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21st, March 2017

Next Steps After a Job Interview

You might have read similar articles to this that focus on what to do at the end of a job interview. However what about after you leave the room? Should you try and forget all about it, and wait in silence until you hopefully receive some feedback? The simple answer is no. I will let […]

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20th, March 2017

Have you Got a Horrible Boss?

The title of this article is a nod to the 2011 comedy film ‘Horrible Bosses’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell. The plot is centred on three friends who conspire to kill their terrible bosses after they realise they are blocking their chances of happiness. I suspect many of you reading this will have worked […]

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17th, March 2017

Overcoming a Struggle to Find a Job

Some people will go through their entire career without ever having difficulty securing a new role. However with the more transient nature of the career these days, many more people do face a struggle at least once to secure their next position. If this happens after a redundancy or some other kind of exit from […]

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16th, March 2017

How to Tell Your Employer You’re Leaving

This is one of those conversations that most people dread. For many they feel a sense of guilt for resigning and potentially leaving their boss and the rest of the team lacking the resource they might need. Furthermore, there is frequent concern that the employer will take the resignation personally and will make it impossible […]

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15th, March 2017
Public Sector FM

Public Sector FM Outsourcing is Growing: How Can Providers & FM Professionals Benefit?

FM outsourcing is booming, but that’s not the only big news. The definition of Facilities Management is changing, too. A huge trend is rising within the public sector, favouring outsourced experts to deliver services rather than in-house employees. Whilst this is happening in a range of sectors, the Facilities Management industry is making a killing […]

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14th, March 2017

Hot-desking: A New Way of Working and What it Means for FM Managers

Hot-desking is the innovative “new” way to revolutionise your Facilities Team. As a manager, you’re always looking for cutting-edge ways to improve productivity and reduce the running costs of your department. This method is a great office hack that: Saves Space – with a team of five sharing a single desk, you could greatly reduce […]

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13th, March 2017

How do Business Rate Changes Affect Facilities Management Companies?

As you would have heard by now, business rates in the UK are changing this year. Starting next month, companies across the country could see either a great reduction in or a harsh spike in their rates. Either way, these changes are going to have a massive effect on businesses everywhere. So what exactly is […]

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10th, March 2017

Religious Headwear and Health and Safety. What Every FM needs to know

An extremely sensitive issue for any manager, meeting your legal compliance at the same time as protecting your employees’ legal rights doesn’t always mix. As a Facilities Manager, you are responsible for your team. There’ve been a plethora of court cases surrounding companies dismissing employees due to their religious headwear affecting the ‘style’ of the […]

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9th, March 2017

Quality Candidates Over Quantity

The reason most companies will give for using more than one recruiter is that it means they have access to a wider range of applicants. But with a limited number of roles available, the most important thing for your business is the quality of the candidates – not the quantity. Giving a single recruitment agent […]

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