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7th, April 2017

Crisis Management: Managing the Unmanageable

On Wednesday 21st March 2017, Khalid Masood carried out a devastating terror attack in Westminster, London. Five people died, more than 50 were injured, and London came to a near standstill as the police put transport links on lockdown. Some 12 years earlier London was rocked by the London bombings that took 52 lives and injured […]

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6th, April 2017

Learning Trends for 2017 – What’s New?

How many training courses have you been on that took days of your time, had such an abundance of content that you could not possibly hope to remember everything, and then when you finally get back to your desk the torrent of emails you have received are enough to wish you had not bothered in […]

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5th, April 2017

The State Pension: Will I Still Be Working At 70?

Two recent government reports have outlined the possibility of raising the age of eligibility for the state pension. In basic terms, that means millions of people may have to work for longer before they have a hope of retiring if they are reliant on a state pension. Analysis by the Department for Work and Pensions […]

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4th, April 2017

Article 50: What Happens Next?

In a historic moment Theresa May triggered Article 50 which marks the beginning of negotiations for the exit of the UK from the EU. The UK has been a member of the EU since 1973 which is a 44 year relationship that will need to be untangled. Abba summed it up when they sang ‘Breaking […]

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31st, March 2017

8 Ways to Attract the Best Talent in the Facilities Management Industry

Attracting the best talent in Facilities Management is becoming more important than ever. Businesses across the country are all desperate for the most experienced and qualified FMs to help their businesses run efficiently. Great Facilities Managers are in such big demand and this is only expected to grow. According to a report by International Facility […]

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30th, March 2017

Is the Recruiter you are Working with Qualified to Do your Search?

Customers come to your company to benefit from your experience and expertise in your specific field. So why is it that so many companies decide to not go to the experts when hiring new staff? Some employers choose the DIY recruitment process themselves. In principle, there’s nothing wrong with that but more often than not […]

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29th, March 2017

5 Deadly Mistakes that Clients Make in the Facilities Industry that Cost them Great Talent

When it comes to recruiting nowadays, companies wanting the very best FM professionals have some steep competition. The ideal employee for your company is likely to be someone else’s too. To make sure they choose you, it’s vital that you avoid the five extremely common mistakes that can drive your ideal employee to look somewhere […]

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27th, March 2017

Getting Job References from Previous Employers: What Should Be on Them?

Most times someone leaves a job, they’re still on good terms with their board of directors, managers, and colleagues. There’s no doubt that the shared and mutual respect for the leaving employee is strong and their soon-to-be-former managers wish them well in their future career. Seeing as many CVs as we do at Maxwell Stephens, […]

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24th, March 2017

Cutting Back on Utility Costs in FM to Offset Business Rate Increases

There’s no doubt you’ve already heard that business rates are rising. Bills will be skyrocketing for hundreds of thousands of companies across the UK. That means employers will be relying on their Facilities Managers to keep things cost-effective more than ever. And budgeting for your facility in tough times requires being extra thrifty. With many […]

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