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7th, November 2016

Internet of Things Explained

I would hazard a guess that recently you have heard the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on the news, or perhaps you have read about it in the papers. You may be wondering why we are writing about this, the answer is simple – the IoT is set to change the Facilities Management industry in […]

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21st, October 2016

Facilities Management Salary Survey 2016

We are pleased to introduce our brand new Facilities Management Salary Survey for 2016! This year is our third industry survey, of which we are incredibly proud of. With over 1,250 facilities management professionals taking part in our project, we have doubled the level of expertise since our 2014 exercise. First of all, we’d really […]

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21st, October 2016

A Day in the Life of a Facilities Manager

Perhaps you are fairly new to the industry, or maybe you have recently graduated with a Facilities Management degree and are seeking your first role. Of course, each Facilities Manager will perform a slightly different role, but this is a little peek into an average day at work. 8.30am I arrive at the office and […]

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19th, October 2016

Facilities Manager or Project Manager?

When we speak of job roles we tend to think of them as synonymous. However, now more than ever before, job roles are overlapping and responsibilities are expanding. I personally believe this is a symptom of the financial crisis, as employees were forced to fill the gaps redundancies left behind. Of course, the economy has […]

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14th, October 2016

The Outsourcing Era

Many Facilities Managers find themselves managing outsourced services. By that we mean that a service was once internally provided, but a decision was made for an external supplier to provide it instead. Whilst outsourcing as a business choice is fairly mature, there are still many examples of services that are internally managed which are being […]

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12th, October 2016

FM Providing Strategic Advantage

There was a time when Facilities Management was considered to be an operational/tactical function. It kept the lights on, and no more. It did not have a seat at the table when businesses spoke about competitive advantage, or about how they would attract clients. Gone are the days of FM being considered an overhead, as […]

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3rd, October 2016

Successful Structured Interviews

Imagine interviews on a continuum from structured at the one end to unstructured at the other end. A fully unstructured interview might be a chat, or perhaps an interviewer simply giving the floor to the candidate and asking them to explain why they should be hired. I have to say that in my experience, an […]

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26th, September 2016

London’s Changing Skyline

London is a beautiful city which is world-renowned for its skyscrapers. The Shard, which was finished in 2012 and opened the following year, is currently the tallest building in the UK at almost 310m; a whopping 95-storeys. The financial crisis put a halt to many of the plans for new tall buildings in London, but […]

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22nd, September 2016

How Not to Use Social Media When Job Hunting

If you’re on the hunt for a new career, you might want to pause for a second before posting that picture of your night out onto your Facebook page, as over a third (36%) of 4000 recruiters recently surveyed by Monster.co.uk admitted that they have turned down a job applicant after snooping on their social media […]

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